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Auto Driveaway With over 50 Years of Experience in Private and Commercial Vehicle Transportation
Auto Driveaway is the only franchised-for-hire motor carrier service in the world and the largest transport service in the United States. We deliver vehicles of all shapes and sizes to all points in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our customer base ranges from the Fortune 500 companies to the private shipper.

Auto Driveaway Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Why Choose Auto Driveaway?
This is a very exciting time for Auto Driveaway. We are leading the way as the top for hire motor carrier in the country, and we are recognized as a leader in our industry. We have a reputation for quality and professionalism, and we are well prepared to provide a full range of services to our customers. The strength of our system and trust in the Auto Driveaway brand for over 50 years are creating new opportunities in areas across the United States. We will continue to invest in technology and research to maintain the highest level of service for our customers.

Auto Driveaway Goal
Our goal is to be the largest provider of transportation services while building a world-class brand; to have a wide network of full-service locations available to the consumer and business, reaching markets of all sizes.

Auto Driveaway Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Auto Driveaway Services
With over 50 years of experience in private and commercial vehicle transportation, Auto Driveaway is the most qualified vehicle shipping company in the driveaway industry. Customers may choose to have their vehicles driven or trucked; whichever, we ensure quick, door-to-door vehicle delivery. Franchisees provide:
  • Auto Driveaway Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Vehicle Delivery – Driven and Transported
  • Maintenance and Reconditioning
  • Title and Registration
  • Professional Drivers
  • Vehicle Storage
  • 40 Full Service Locations around the US
Maintenance and Reconditioning
Vehicles automatically come with some normal wear and tear. Franchisees make sure that customers receive their car in the best condition possible. Auto Driveaway facilitates all of these services, and more, in route to delivery, or while the vehicle is being stored at a franchisee facility.
  • Auto Detailing
  • Oil Change
  • Windshield Repair
  • Body Work
  • Mechanical Repair and Maintenance
Auto Driveaway Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Title and Registration Services
  • Initial Title & Registration, State Transfer Renewals
  • Corrections, City & County Decals
  • Duplicate Registrations, Replacement Plates
  • Technical Consulting on Licensing and Tax Issues
  • Medium / Heavy Truck Title & Registration (IRP Plating)
  • State Operating Permits.
Vehicle Storage
Auto Driveaway Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Auto Driveaway provides fully insured storage facilities at over 40 franchise locations across the country. Customers who have surplus vehicles, a transitional vehicle waiting to be delivered to a new employee or a customer who is just waiting for a new location to be ready, franchisees safely and securely store the vehicle. While in storage a franchisee can provide reporting services, as well as maintenance and reconditioning.

Professional Drivers
Franchisees recruit and train a staff of professional drivers
. Drivers vary from the under 10,000 lbs. classification to Federally regulated DOT/CDL drivers.

Online Services
Auto Driveaway has a newly integrated order placement system on its website.
Customers can choose how to ship their personal or corporate vehicle, choosing either driven or trucked, and delivery is completed by professional, experienced drivers.

Financial Requirements
  • Franchise Fee - $15,000 per Territory (plus $10,000 deposit);
  • $60,000 - $100,000 (Liquid Capital);
  • No Specialized equipment to buy;
  • Office space and secured storage lot for vehicles;
  • Member of the SBA Franchise Registry;
  • Reduction in Territory fee for multiples units.
Target Market Area
Jacksonville, FL San Antonio, TX Albuquerque, NM
LA Area - North Boise, ID Syracuse, NY

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