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Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail CentersThe multi-billion dollar market for marketing and graphic communications.
Virtually every small and medium-sized business and institution (e.g., medical, education, government and non-profit organizations) requires digital or printed promotional and informational materials of the type offered by Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail Centers.
A high percentage of Allegra® customers will generate frequent reorders of consumable printed materials and promotional products. What’s more, full-service Allegra clients are often placed on a retainer compensation system when ongoing marketing program management services are desired.
Typical Allegra customers range from those requiring printing and mailing services only, to those looking for strategic planning and implementation of all phases of their marketing communications programs.
Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail Centers 
Conservatively speaking, the national markets for these services per U.S. Census Bureau information (2007) are in the billions:
  • Graphic design services: $8.4 billion
  • Marketing consulting services: $21 billion
Additional figures from the Census Bureau depict a considerably larger market:
  • Advertising, public relations and related services: $89 billion
  • Printing and related support activities (selected): $60 billion
Conclusion? Demand for the products and services provided by this franchise concept is enormous.
Allegra History
Of the more than 3,000 global franchisors, Allegra Network® ranks within the world’s top 200 franchisors according to Franchise Times magazine. Among business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, we rank near the very top … and have for decades.
Established in 1976 and formerly known as American Speedy Printing Centers, we adopted the Allegra Network corporate name in 2000. Today, through acquisition and organic growth, the network totals nearly 500 independent business owners who operate primarily two franchise brandsAllegra Marketing • Print • Mail and Signs Now®.
Annual system-wide sales in 2011 were nearly $300 million.
Allegra Network is privately owned by an investor group including Michael Marcantonio, former V.P. of Domino’s Pizza and members of the management team. Our leadership team was among the first to believe industry pundits who predicted a long-term evolution in the graphic communications industry — from printing and signs to full-service marketing communications.
Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail CentersIn fact, Allegra Network’s aggressive plan to help transition our franchise members from printers to full-service marketing providers dates back to 2005 when the company launched “Think Beyond Ink” at its international convention. This diversification initiative assisted our franchise members in expanding their service offering from digital and offset printing to include value-added services such as: 
  • Variable data
  • Signs and banners
  • Promotional products 
  • Mailing services
  • Marketing consultation
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative development
Our success and that of our franchise members is a direct result of living our corporate mission; to enhance the value of the businesses we serve.
Total Number of Units: 485
Franchised Units: 484
Year Established: 1976
Franchising Since: 1977
Awards:  See below
Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail Centers
  • Allegra Network is ranked in the top 200 among all franchise companies in the world by Franchise Times magazine.
  • Based on the company’s financial strength, stability, growth rate and size, Allegra Network was ranked #298 in Entrepreneur magazine's Franchise 500® this year.
  • Allegra Network was named Top 50 franchise for military veterans in USA Today in 2010.

Benefits of Owning an Allegra Franchise
1. Exclusive benefits from an established and financially healthy franchisor
  • A franchise model that’s proven for more than three decades.
  • Supported by a perennial top 200 franchise company.
  • Supported executive management with more than 100 years* combined franchising and graphic communications expertise.
  • An investor group with substantial financial reserves and ready access to capital.
  • Royalty (sliding scale of 6%-0%) and Marketing Fund (1%) caps. Royalties are based on receipts (the actual money collected) versus sales.
  • National contracts Program with special discounts and services from more than 200 selected supplier partners.
  • Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail CentersPartnering with a franchisor that has successfully completed nearly 250 mergers and acquisitions.
    • Four ways to own an Allegra center: as a new start up, by buying an existing franchise, by joining the franchise as an existing independent business owner through our Advantage Program or by buying an independent business and converting it to an Allegra center through our unique Allegra MatchMaker® Program
    • With an established customer base, experienced staff and proven track record in the market, our MatchMaker program offers distinct advantages over most franchise opportunities.
2. Outstanding Profit Potential
  • A business with multi-million dollar sales potential from a single location.
  • Average annual sales for Allegra centers in 2011 was $1,067,744 **.
  • Median profiability for high profit centers  is 19.14%.
  • Median number of employees is six.
  • Typical client base involves several dozen diverse customers — volatility and risk tend  to be low compared to businesses dominated by a few customers.
3. A Business That Allows a Personal Life & Provides Professional Fulfillment
  • As a Business-to-Business (B2B) enterprise, center hours are typically limited to an 8:00 to 5:30 day, Monday through Friday.
  • Most of your customers will be other leaders and managers within the community. You’ll not only form business relationships, but personal relationships as well.
  • The staff you’ll manage will be experienced professionals who have sought a career in the graphic communications industry, resulting in lower turnover than other small businesses.
All of these factors combined make Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail a business that can be both financially rewarding, as well as personally fulfilling.
Allegra Financial Investment
Total Initial Investment: $162,464 – $445,199
Franchise Fee: $35,000
Liquid Capital Required:  $200,000
Net Worth Required:  $400,000
Financial Assistance:  Via vendor partners
Start-Up Capital:  $75,000-$100,000
Allegra Training and Support
An Unmatched Support System Drives Future Success
Here’s a small sampling of the more than 50 industry-leading support programs we’ve developed to foster your success.
  • Three full weeks of start-up training: two at Allegra Network headquarters; the other at your center’s location.
  • Top-rated training, support and management guidance for every aspect of the business — financial, operational, marketing and sales—both face-to-face and online — through Allegra Network University.
  • Award-winning, high-performance, turn-key marketing support programs from teleprospecting and lead generation direct marketing to public relations and web optimization.
  • Marketing Resource Center: Allegra Network headquarters-based professional service organization for members to develop and implement customer marketing programs and projects — advice, copywriting, graphic design, web development, and more.
  • Acquisition Program: if desired, to help you aggressively grow we’ll find, valuate and qualify prospects for you to purchase, assist with price and terms negotiation, as well as closing and transitioning the accounts into your business.
  • Leading-edge digital technologies to support a wide range of customer needs.
  • Help desk support with fast answers on equipment selection, computer systems, pricing, and more from our best-in-class technology group.
  • Innovative Profit MasteryTM Program for ongoing financial modeling and performance improvement, including “peer-based” Performance group interactions.
  • Personal business consulting – ongoing support from a regional operations director with extensive industry experience on virtually all facets of the business. Many are former franchise members who have successfully built and sold their businesses.
  • Resale Program: also unique in franchising, our Development Department identifies buyer candidates, qualifies them and guides you and the new owner through the steps to successfully sell your business when the time comes.

Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection: Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National): Yes
Does Corporate Provide Continued Training: Yes

Allegra Franchise Requirements
Allegra® Marketing • Print • Mail Centers Franchise OpportunitiesThe initial investment*** for a new Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail center ranges from $162,464 – $445,199 and $260,479 – $516,949 for a MatchMaker® center.

  • Both include working capital and all start-up expenses, but do not include living expenses.
  • Qualified candidates typically require a minimum of $200,000 of available cash and must be able to document a minimum of $400,000 net worth.
  • No industry experience is needed.
Allegra Location Requirements 
Ideally, markets with 3,000-4,000 businesses that fit our standard business classification targets are optimum for a Allegra franchise opportunity. We encourage candidates to contact us to help them determine the best market for their business.   
“I have realized my income expectations. I’ve exceeded my expectations. That’s the beauty of owning this business — it’s really as limitless as you want it to be. If you focus and work hard and grow your business, the more you produce, the more income you earn. It’s a very simple model.”
“I can’t really tell you what it might be like in another franchise, but i can tell you that with this franchise, you get the kinds of support that i think an entrepreneur needs to succeed. The support that Allegra gives in teaching us how to read financial statements, Performance groups, the Profit Mastery Program has helped us tremendously. As a member of the network, you also have access to lots of people who have been through this before. You can learn as much from them as you do from the home office.”
“There are so many benefits as a member of the Allegra Network. From being able to bounce ideas off of other franchise members who are in the same situation as you or being able to take advantage of a package deal or a turnkey marketing program that the home office has put together so you don't have go out and do all the research yourself, is truly valuable. Having systems in place that can be quickly implemented into our current operation has allowed us to go back to doing important things like running our business.”
“The business aspect is great. It's 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Our kids are in sports. We're able to take off and go watch their sports. We have our family time for sure. That's one of the reasons we wanted to go with Allegra.”

“It's an exciting industry, and we feel like it has a lot of potential. There are so many businesses out there that need help. And from the marketing standpoint of where Allegra is going with the marketing services along with the printing, the mailing, the diversification into signage, all the graphic communication, there is still a very wide, open market out there.”
“If I had the choice to do it all over again, I would definitely do it, no question. Just because of all the expertise and support like the trade show and some of the deals with the manufacturers. No question at all with the training opportunities, the marketing that we get out of it. Having operated a solo business before, it's a lot easier this way. So, no question.”

Top 35 Target Market Areas 
Numerous opportunities are available across the United States and Canada. Please contact us today to identify what markets are right for you. 

1.     Detailed information regarding earnings potential, center count, sales volume and average sales can be found in Item 19 of the FDD.

2.     This is the percentage of profit retained by the franchisee, including owner(s) salary, benefits and taxes, plus the net income or minus the net loss.

3.     For all centers participating in Allegra Network’s 2010 Operating Ratio Study.

*See item 2 of Franchise Disclosure Document.

** For all Allegra branded centers.

***Range indicates leasing and/or buying and depends on choices or types and the amount of in-house equipment capability desired. Equipment costs for MatchMaker® centers will be minimal since majority will already be in place. 

The specific investment ranges are outlined in the Franchise Disclosure document in item 7.

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