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360clean Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Multiple Resources for Income
One of the most unique aspects of our system is that you have a wide-range of opportunities to generate income.
Diversification of Services
As an Area Developer, your main business priority is the Janitorial division of your business in which the services are provided by your territory’s unit franchisees. At the same time, each Area Developer office has the opportunity to increase their territories revenue through obtaining landscape contracts and providing other facility services that are serviced by a Preferred Partner in the area. More importantly, the diversification is viewed as a benefit to your clients.
Turn-Key Solution
The 360clean system is one that is turn-key and gets your business up and running quickly and efficiently.
Comprehensive Training
You will experience two weeks of training with one week of training in Charleston, South Carolina and an additional one week of training in your territory.
Sales & Marketing Program
The 360clean Marketing Program is an efficient and cost effective program. You will have access to unique marketing materials and a program that assist in your business growth.
At 360clean, we have integrated the latest technology to manage Customer Relations and Quality Control of daily operations. Also, the 360clean intranet serves as an excellent resource for franchisees.
Ongoing Support
You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our success depends on your success. We are a TEAM!

The 360clean program includes a proprietary sales and customer relationship management software. This provides you the ability to manage these two very important aspects of your franchise-gaining customers and providing the support that retains clients through establishing loyalty.

360clean provides you a program that enables you to take advantage of a unique and exciting opportunity in a recession resistant industry.

An Executive Opportunity IN A 100 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY
360clean Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)360clean has come a long way since it was founded as a part-time janitorial service company in 2005 by Barry Bodiford, a full-time pharmaceutical industry employee at the time of the company’s beginning. When the company was incorporated in 2005, 360clean employed only a half-dozen employees and serviced 3 customers.
Today, that start-up corporation is the innovative leader of the janitorial service industry and services customers in 8 states with the goal of being nationwide by 2012. The company’s growth has been achieved through the franchise business model (currently 6 Area Developers and 25 Unit Franchisees) and the company has never lost focus of its objectives:
  • Remain Customer Focused;
  • Remain Innovative;
  • Develop Strong Business Leaders;
  • Grow Profitably;
  • Embrace Change.
Industry Advantages
Growing Industry: commercial cleaning is a rapidly growing industry and experts project it to reach $155 billion in 2010.

Recession Resistant: commercial property owners and managers always need to keep their properties clean, so the industry is often described as "recession resistant".

Demand for Services: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a professional cleaning specialist will be the fastest growing occupation in the next decade.
Commitment to Innovation and Diversification
360clean Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)The company’s proprietary JaniMed™ cleaning system combines innovative equipment and processes that not only provides a clean workplace environment, but decreases illness causing germs in all areas of facilities serviced. Additionally, the use of microfiber decreases the amount of airborne dust which creates a healthier facility for our customers and their visitors.
The company has remained committed to advancing the JaniMed system and in 2010 implemented a Touch Surface Focus Cleaning technique and the system is now environmentally conscious through the use of certain environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals.
Franchise Expansion
The 360clean Franchise System is expanding through our Area Developer Franchise Concept. The concept is structured in a way that the Area Developer acts similarly to a Regional Franchisor of their territory.
This opportunity is ideal for those with a successful track record in sales and management. The opportunity is designed around a development model which includes the selling and development of unit franchises in a specified territory. Area Developers operate their business during regular business hours in a professional business environment. Area Developers sell the 360clean unit franchises in their territory and assist the franchisees in the development of their business.
Area Developers in the 360clean system are not required to operate a unit franchise. The unit franchises in their territory manage the operations of the services provided by 360clean.
Area Developers have Multiple Revenue Streams

Sales & Marketing Fees: by securing contracts to be serviced by Unit Franchisees.

Selling Unit Franchises: receive a portion of franchise fees.

Shared Royalties: receive shared royalty in your area.

Securing Contracts: for additional services serviced by preferred partners.

Equipment and Supply Sales: to your franchisees and clients.
Our Services
Janitorial Services
We design and tailor cleaning programs to meet individual needs, while guaranteeing that each facility will be impeccably clean and aesthetically impressive. Our goal is to make each facility 360clean. In addition, we offer a specialized cleaning concept for facilities. The JaniMed cleaning concept is unique and another advantage of 360clean.
Landscape Services
Strategic business alliances with landscape companies enable our franchisees to provide landscape services for our clients.
Strategic business alliances with companies enable our franchisees to provide floor care services for their clients.
Paper & Equipment Supplies
You will have the ability and training to offer paper supplies to your franchisees and clients for additional income for your business.
Training and Support

Area Developers experience a week of classroom training in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and an additional one week of training in their territory. During training, you will learn every aspect of the business including a focus on the following core business areas:
  • Administration & Management;
  • Personnel;
  • Selling Unit Franchises;
  • Support for Unit Franchisees;
  • Operations;
  • Sales & Marketing;
  • Customer Service.
Ongoing training and support is provided. In addition, continued research and development of the 360clean system keeps our company as the innovated leader of our industry.
Our support team will make periodic visits to offer assistance in all aspects of your business. At the same time, our support team is always available via phone or email.

Franchise Investment
Area Developer Fee: $29,500 plus $.05 per person in population (if population is greater than 600,000)

Total Investment: $37,950 - $321,750 (depends on size of territory)

Liquid Capital: $50,000 - $100,000 (depends on size of territory)
Franchise Requirements
Successful experience in sales is a must.
Target Market Area
Atlanta, GA Cleveland, OH Indianapolis, IN Miami, FL Pittsburgh, PA
Austin, TX Dallas, TX Jacksonville, FL Milwaukee, WI Raleigh- Durham, NC
Baltimore, MD Ft. Lauderdale, FL Knoxville, TN Nashville, TN San Antonio, TX
Birmingham, AL Green Bay, WI Las Vegas, NV Oklahoma City, OK St. Louis, MO
Charlotte, NC Greensboro, NC Lexington, KY Orlando, FL Tampa, FL
Chattanooga, TN Houston, TX Louisville, KY Philadelphia, PA Tucson, AZ
Cincinnati, OH Huntsville, AL Memphis, TN Phoenix, AZ Washington, DC

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