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Looking for Business For Sale in Wisconsin? We can help. Even if you don't see a business for sale in the list below that meets your specifications you can sign up for our business opportunity alert to get notified if a business that meets your requirements comes onto the market. We have an extensive network on trained business brokers to help you fulfill your dream of owning your own business!

BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
1071 Restaurant & Bar, Banquet Facility, Catering$1,400,000$1,400,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin/Northern Illinois
1131 Wellness Center$500,000$500,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
1224 PRICE DROP! Furniture & Interior Design Co.$191,000$191,000$1,641,244$229,783Northeastern Wisconsin
1227 Precision Grinding & Ancillary Manufacturing$1,100,000$1,100,000$0$0Northwest Milwaukee
1263 Automotive Repair Shop$1,295,000$1,295,000$0$0Milwaukee County
1265 Profitable Massage Business$449,000$449,000$0$0Wisconsin
1268 Marine & Power Sports Sales and Service$1,095,000$1,095,000$0$0Wisconsin
1282 Outdoor Specialty Retailer & Distribution$2,850,000$2,850,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
1289 Commercial Office Building$424,500$424,500$0$0Sheboygan
1296 Retail Confectionery Store$659,000$659,000$0$0Wisconsin
1305 Employment Placing Agency$500,000$500,000$0$0Southeastern Wisconsin
1309 RV Dealership$1,100,000$1,100,000$0$0Wisconsin
1314 Therapeutic Massage Business$350,000$350,000$0$0South Central Wisconsin
1316 Motorcycle Accessory Manufacturing Business$1,750,000$1,750,000$0$0Wisconsin
1320 Home Care business in SE Wisconsin$300,000$300,000$317,224$92,264SE Wisconsin
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Businesses for Sale in Wisconsin

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