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Looking for Business For Sale in Wisconsin? We can help. Even if you don't see a business for sale in the list below that meets your specifications you can sign up for our business opportunity alert to get notified if a business that meets your requirements comes onto the market. We have an extensive network on trained business brokers to help you fulfill your dream of owning your own business!

BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
1398 Assisted Living Operation w 24 beds$3,850,000$3,850,000$1,138,575$504,652South Central Wisconsin
1466 Medical Case Management Company$1,450,000$1,450,000$0$0Wisconsin
1589 RV Dealership in Central Wisconsin$805,000$805,000$0$0Central Wisconsin
1601 Supper Club with Bar and Hotel$849,000$849,000$0$0Northern WI
1608 Industrial Plastic Recycler$1,100,000$1,100,000$0$0Relocatable
1619 Leading Edge Machine Shop for Sale$2,199,000$2,199,000$0$0Wisconsin
1630 Stainless Steel Manufacturer with Patent$475,000$475,000$0$0Wisconsin
1631 Children's Learning Center$550,000$550,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
1643 ISO 9001-2015 Fabrication Shop for Sale$630,000$630,000$0$0Central Wisconsin
1649 Full Service Landscaping Business w/Greenhous$1,295,000$1,295,000$0$0Northern Wisconsin
1659 Leading Coffee Roaster - manufacturer$1,000,000$1,000,000$0$0Northeast Wisconsin
1674 Commercial Cleaning Business for Sale$575,000$575,000$0$0Southeastern Wisconsin
1688 Highly Profitable Commercial Flooring GC$1,850,000$1,850,000$5,349,478$568,877Wisconsin
1698 Profitable Automation Fabricator Business$3,000,000$3,000,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
1723 Full Service Car Wash$1,700,000$1,700,000$0$0Southeast Wisconsin
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Businesses for Sale in Wisconsin

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