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Normalized Earnings Tell You How Profitable a Company Really Is 
By JoAnn Lombardi, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, President 
Normalizing earnings can provide insight into a company’s history and future. Performing this step is key in valuing a business, but it’s also difficult work that involves more than merely reading the company’s financial statements. Normalizing earnings require detailed analysis as well as an understanding of the company’s current and future operations. Once you have that knowledge at your disposal, however, you can begin to see the true picture.  
Adjustments to normalize earnings typically fall into three categories, economic, discretionary and nonrecurring.  
Economic Adjustments
Economic adjustments relate to items affected by a company’s accounting methods. For instance, the most common economic adjustment is for the basis of accounting. Many small businesses use the income tax basis. In addition to accelerating expenses such as depreciation, it also can ignore expenses (such as vacation pay and bad debts) or defer revenue (such as completed contracts.)  
How To Make More Money Selling Your Business 
By Peter C. King, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, CEO
The sale of your business is of extreme importance. Regardless of the reason you may be selling, consulting with a professional business broker presents a better opportunity. The sale of a business consists of a presentation, finding the most suitable buyers and ensuring you receive payment for what the company is actually worth, as opposed to having the chance of losing out on a fair price. A business broker is a huge help in instances like these, as they have the knowledge and professionalism to ensure the transaction is painless and fruitful. You are more than capable of making more money from selling your enterprise. 
Perhaps one of the most exhausting decisions to make is whether or not to sell your company. You must weigh the decision carefully, as well as determine if it’s worth selling. There are advantages to making the sale, however you must compare it to the time, capital and energy put into the enterprise’s growth. There is also the investment that would accompany continuing the company. However, it may be the right time for you, in terms of personal or professional needs. 
Inclusive Banking Processes Lead to Better Results
Private equity firms are still raising captive funds. In fact, the amount of dry powder sitting in funds waiting to be allocated has hit record highs. There’s no question that traditional funds are a highly successful and sought-after investment model. However, as the industry continues to mature, more and more alternative types of investment models have emerged, competing with traditional buyers for the chance at closing great deals.
Fundless sponsors or independent sponsors are one such group that have become more prevalent in recent years. However, even with their proliferation, investment bankers still rarely view them as viable buyers. Today, more investment bankers are letting independent sponsors into their processes, but many still feel that working with independent sponsors is a risky proposition.
Where’s the money?
Investment banks want certainty of close, which isn’t always an easy task for an independent sponsor that must go find funding to complete a deal.
12 Ways to Not Mess Up the Sale of Your Business
By: Jeff Swiggett, CBI, M&AMI, Owner of VR Office in New Haven, CT 
As a seller, you can contribute to a successful sale in many ways. Remember that your view of the business may differ from the potential buyer. Here are a few guidelines: 
Be friendly and cooperative. If the buyer requests information, provide it as soon as possible. By responding quickly, you will help establish trust and thus giving the impression that your business is well managed and you have nothing to hide. Delays cause buyers to become very skeptical about the seriousness of a seller’s intentions. 
Communicate openly and honestly. Many transactions are completed because trust and good chemistry exist between a buyer and a seller. This is developed through honest, open communications. 
Be ready to disclose sensitive information. Be prepared to discuss financial information, customer/market information, product “secrets”, etc. This allows the buyer the ability to develop a deeper understanding of the operation of your business. 
Avoid being defensive. Buyers will often ask questions that may seem a little personal, but rarely are they intended to serve any purpose other than gathering needed information for a buyer to make a decision. 
Help the Buyer see him/herself as the new owner. Look for the potential in the Buyer and let them know they are capable of successfully managing the business. 
Wholesale & Retail Garden Center Nursery | $4,650,000 | Tampa/Apollo Beach, FL
Cocktail Bar with Property/Apartments | $1,016,000 | Artesia, CA
High End Fitness Club & Spa | $850,000 |Aspen, CO
B2B Industrial & Construction Services Business | $2,250,000 | Charleston, SC
On-line Home Furnishings Business | $925,000 | Wyomissing, PA
Licensed UHF LPTV Station | $7,487,910 | Wichita, KS
JUBILEE MINE Operational Surface Placer Gold Mine
This highly productive surface placer mine, totaling 920 acres in the North Star Borough, is being offered for sale with all mineral rights and equipment. This is a fully-permitted and productive mine with only 50 of 920 acres mined to date.
The Jubilee Mine is fully set up and in compliance with MSHA and has been recognized by BLM for their outstanding reclamation program. 
For more information:
John G. Hornblower,
CFA Managing Broker, VR Business Brokers
Congratulations VR Business Brokers in Dallas, TX for Facilitating the Sale of TWO Established Franchised Pizza Stores
Both of these stores are under the same successful franchised brand and are close to each other in Grayson County, Texas. Both were built out by the current ownerships, one in September 2015 and the other in December 2016. Thus, providing the new owner with relatively brand new equipment and 10 ton AC. These established stores are sure to be profitable to the new ownership.
We congratulateJeff Goldblatton this successful transaction!  
Beer Tap Installations | $268,000 |Tampa, FL
Yogurtland | $525,000 | San Dimas, CA
Commercial Lawn Maintenance Business | $250,000  Wilmington, NC
Hair Salon | $210,000 |Summerville, SC
Retail Donut Shop | $155,000 |Derby, KS
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