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March 2016
Volume 17 Issue 3
Loose Lips Sink Deals
Confidentiality Agreements are Essential

During World War II, a popular poster showed a burning freighter sinking beneath the waves. The caption read "Loose Lips Might Sink Ships." It was a clever way to remind troops never to discuss confidential information, lest they unintentionally disclose secrets to the enemy that could cause disaster. Though ramifications of breaching a business deal are not as dire, maintaining strict silence is still critical.

Pre-Plug Potential Holes

Before receiving detailed information regarding a potential acquiree or merger prospect, the buyer is normally required to execute a confidentiality agreement (CA) or a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). In essence, the two agreements are synonymous and used interchangeably. Occasionally, less-than-upstanding competitors pose potential buyers to access privileged financial and operational information regarding competitive businesses.

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Determine Why a Seller is Selling Prepare Yourself for "Deal Breakers"
You're buying a rival company. The transaction is nearly complete. At the last minute, an unexpected problem arises, and the deal falls apart.

This nightmare scenario plays out countless times every year. But you greatly increase the odds of a smooth and successful acquisition by looking for potential deal breakers early in your due diligence efforts. The best time to address these situations is before the other company's problems become yours. Here are five potentially unanticipated deal breakers:
Collecting from Late-Paying Customers
By: Bob Burg
A customer forgets to pay. Not an issue. Just remind them. But what about those who are obviously not making it a priority. You've called accounts payable several times and - despite their promises - they still haven't paid.

You've got a lousy feeling that you're going to have to keep chasing them and that, if you do collect, it will be the result of having to threaten, which will make them mad. In other words, you'll lose their future business.

Some might advise, "just don't do business again with that company." Fine. But, maybe now you still need their business. And, if you can both collect the money you are owed and "re-train" them to pay on time while continuing to do business with you, isn't that a better alternative?
When Considering a Business Loan, Does Price Matter?

At first glance, the follo
wing question seems simple enough that any college freshman enrolled in Business 101 could answer it.When it comes to considering business loan options, does price matter?

On a fundamental level, the answer obviously is "yes." The lower the general cost of capital, the better. Lower interest rates mean more money remains in company coffers. But there are times when it might be better to take the higher-priced loan.

Let's use a struggling e-commerce company as an example. The company badly needs working capital to continue its growth and make headway in an increasing crowded marketplace with well-funded competitors. Opportunities clearly are presenting themselves.
VR in Oak Brook, IL Finalized the Sale of a Frozen Food Manufacturer

VR's Oak Brook, Illinois location has recently sold a frozen food manufacturer who was in business for 40 years. The business recently joined the nation's largest retailers and is expected to grow leaps and bounds. The manufacturer had enjoyed high margins and provided previous owners with a steady income. Congratulations to Dan Eitel on another successful sale!
VR Continues to Match Qualified Buyers with Businesses for Sale

In today's business climate, our clients demand quality and professionalism. We applaud our VR business intermediaries for a job well done!! Here is a small sample of transactions that have closed across the VR network recently:
Specialty Chemical Compounding Wholesaler | $750,000 | Charleston, SC
Precision Sharpening Co. | $270,000 | San Antonio, TX
Pilates Studio | $85,000 | Naples, FL

Thinking of selling your business or looking for an established business to purchase?
VR Office in Aspen, CO has been Engaged to Facilitate the Sale of a Popular Brew House

Our VR Office in Aspen, CO has been engaged by the owner to facilitate the sale of a popular brew house/restaurant with a delicious menu of American style cuisine. The brew house is equipped with stainless steel brewing tanks and a comfortable furnished casual bar and restaurant. 
Congratulations to John Hownblower on another successful engagement!
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