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VR outlines the process of buying a business. The more a buyer knows about this process, the more satisfied he or she will be with the ultimate decision. At VR, we explain what to look for, what to question, what to expect throughout the transaction, and therefore help you fulfill your dream of business ownership.
Buying a business provides:

  • Job security.
  • Financial independence.
  • Personal growth and satisfaction.
  • Control your own destiny.
  • Pride of ownership.
  • Creative freedom.
  • Wealth creation.
Buying versus Start-Up

Most established business continue to be successful. Why? 
  • A Proven Location.
  • The Right Product.
  • Management.
Buying a existing business has allowed someone else to take the high initial risks and costs of starting a business. Buying an established business provides you with two of the necessary components of success - a proven location (customer base) and the right product. You provide the third ingredient - management.

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