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Selling your business is one of the most important transactions you'll ever undertake. You owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to approach the sale with the same careful planning and dedication that you put to work in building your business. Valued Representation throughout the sale process allows you to operate your company while VR confidentially brings it to market.

At VR, we know that there are no shortcuts to success. No easy answers. No such thing as luck. We know that selling a business to a qualified buyer at the best price is hard work. We are dedicated to presenting the value of our client's business while at the same time positioning the business to be a success for the new owners.

VR Business Profile

One of the most important tools for positioning your company for sale is a VR Business Profile. This document typically includes a detailed description of your business, industry trends and forecasts, extensive comparable sale information and financial data. This professionally written report allows a qualified prospective buyer to review, in presentation format, an extensive overview of your business.

The VR Business Profile will present your business in the most beneficial manner, communicating its past performance and income generating features, and presenting the maximum value. It is inevitable that every business owner will one day exit his or her business. Understanding the value of your business, and know how to interpret that value are paramount in making the correct decisions to create maximum results when selling. Realizing the fair market value of your business will also aid in understanding available options, profiling your personal needs and setting 
realistic goals.


Each business is different, and therefore demands an approach that focuses on its unique characteristics. Valuation is as much art as science, yet valuation of a business is also a highly technical process. The ability to decide which valuation methodology best suits a company's needs, and apply it to get an accurate picture of value, requires skill and experience.

VR professionals take into consideration the company's background, including its history, ownership, management and physical facilities. An industry analysis includes structure, background and opportunity, along with current conditions. Economic conditions as well as the changes in demographic breakdown as it relates to the product or service.

Whether an income, market, or asset based valuation approach is taken, knowing you are working with professionals throughout the valuation process is important, Properly valued businesses set realistic expectations for sellers and allow for proper succession planning.
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