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BusinessSorted ASCPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Amusement Business For Sale in Charlottetown$150,000$0$0$0Charlottetown
Artisanal Food Business For Sale$120,000$0$70,000$80,000Charlottetown
Auto-Related Business For Sale In Western PEI$300,000$0$100,000$100,000Western Prince Edward Island
Bar/Lounge For Sale$100,000$0$0$0Charlottetown
Campground For Sale$699,000$0$0$0Charlottetown Area
Campground For Sale$1,099,999$0$0$0North Shore
Car Wash For Sale$150,000$0$0$0Charlottetown
Car Wash For Sale$119,000$0$0$0Charlottetown
Cottage and Amusement Business For Sale$275,000$0$0$0Cavendish
Cottage Business For Sale$595,000$595,000$0$0Charlottetown
Cottage Business For Sale$1,099,999$0$0$0North Shore
Detailing And Undercoating Business For Sale$185,000$0$100,000$89,000Charlottetown
Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Business$250,000$0$400,000$400,000Prince Edward Island
Jewelry Supply Business For Sale$14,000$0$0$0Queen's County
Long Haul Trucking Business$2,600,000$2,600,000$8,118,312$447,274Greater Edmonton Area
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