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Are you looking to sell your business in Saginaw then you will want to do business with VR Business Brokers.  We have been in business since 1979 and have helped many business owners successfully sell their business.

Here are a few guiding principles that we try to run our business by:
People are everything. If you are uncomfortable with the person you are dealing with - trust your gut.  You must have confidence in the business broker that is trying to sell your business - after all this may be one of the most significant transactions that you are going to undertake. Our hiring best practices are second to none!
Set people's expectations appropriately. The business broker's best opportunity to influence a transaction is at the time of the listing.  Our job is to educate the seller to be aware of the issues of selling his business and the price is set appropriately based on the earnings in the business then there is a higher probability of closing a sale when the right buyer comes along.
Do what you say you will do. Customer service is everything. The nature of our business is such that we may not be able to answer your phone call right away but if we make a commitment to call you then we make that call at the time you commit to.
Confidentiality is paramount. Confidentiality means everything to the seller of a business.  If the competitors, customers, vendors find out that an owner is selling his business then the value of the business can be damaged.  We respect that confidentiality and do not release the names of the businesses to any potential buyers until they meet with the owners of the business.
If you would like to discuss the sale of your business please contact our office for more information.
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