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What Services Do We Provide For You to Help Sell Your Business?
Business Valuation: We can provide a professional estimate of the fair market value of your business, whether you need an informal estimate to satisfy your curiosity or a rigorous appraisal for legal or accounting purposes. We know what businesses like yours are actually selling for and how to price it right. VR has valued and sold virtually every type of business.

Structuring: The right asking price is obviously critical, but so are other terms, such as down payment, financing, non-compete agreements and training. Experience in deal structure often makes the difference in a successful transaction.

Advertising & Networking: We will get you exposure you couldn't possibly get on your own, or from any other firm. We use our worldwide of offices and buyers, all the leading Internet sites, newspapers, the multiple listing service and other proprietary techniques.

Buyer Screening & Qualification: We screen through the thousands of tire kickers out there to find and qualify the most likely potential buyers for your business. We obtain a signed non-disclosure agreement to protect your confidentiality and a net worth statement to qualify the ability to purchase.

Introduction & Follow-up: We introduce your business to qualified potential buyers and work with them until they make an offer to purchase. The decision to buy a business is an emotional and difficult one. We know how to assist buyers to help them overcome their concerns.

Negotiation: When you are emotionally involved in your business, it’s hard to be an effective negotiator for its sale. We represent you vigorously to ensure you receive the full market value for you business.

Management Through Closing: Our job is not done until your business is sold. We work with you and your advisors (attorney, accountant, landlord, etc.) and vigorously represent you all the way through the closing of escrow.

  • (608) 819-5840
  • 2810 Crossroads Dr #4000 MADISON, WI 53718

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