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VR is a mergers and acquisitions/valuations firm positioned to facilitate your company’s M&A activity. VR provides specialized professional services to middle market companies that most business brokers or small office M&A firms can’t. These high-level services are typically found in much larger investment banks and M&A firms that charge very large up-front fees. At VR, we believe that our compensation should be primarily based upon the success of our intermediary services. Because of that, you will not be pitched exorbitant packaging fees from salespersons at seminars. Rather, you will work closely with one of our principals whose income is dependent upon their ability to properly package, market and sell your company. Our financial success is directly tied to successful management of your transaction.

Middle market companies with revenues from $2 million to $75 million, which comprise our core M&A work, need and deserve the same level of service that large firms can access. Therefore, our selling process is very similar to what you may expect from a large investment bank. Valuation, packaging, marketing, negotiation, transaction management, and managing expectations are all key elements of a successful transaction. We work with your professional advisors, and we help you achieve a transaction structure that meets your goals and objectives. Our motto is, “Adding value through seamless transaction management." 

Since 1979, VR has successfully offered client companies an exceptional blend of street smart deal-making, financial expertise and financial integrity.

Selling your middle market company is substantially different than selling a main street & business. When you consider selling your company, it is important that you investigate the differences in M&A firms and their services.
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  • 2810 Crossroads Dr #4000 MADISON, WI 53718

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