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Business Sales Services in Cambridge, Massachusetts

What is my business worth: We provide a fair market value of your business. We know what Cambridge businesses like yours are selling for and how to market it properly.

Terms of the sale: Price is important but so are other terms.  Down payment, financing, non-competes and training can all be a big factor in the right deal. 

Marketing you business: We get your business for sale in Cambridge, Massachusetts exposure via our international network of offices, buyers listing, websites, social networks, newspapers, mailings and other proprietary marketing efforts.

We qualify buyers: We screen through the buyers and find the serious ones. We get a signed NDA to ensure you and your business interests are protected.

Negotiations: When you are emotionally invested in your business, it can be difficult to "see the big picture" when negotiating. We represent you and your interests to make sure you receive the best deal possible.
Always there: We market your business to serious buyers with the goal of getting an offer to purchase. The decision to buy a business in Cambridge, Massachusetts can be very personal. We assist buyers to ensure nothing is missed....from start to finish. 
Think you have what it takes to help others sell their business? Request free information about becoming a business broker!
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