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buy a business in Cambridge MassachusettsIf you are motivated by personal and financial rewards, stimulated by challenges and want to help others in the process, then becoming a professional business broker in Cambridge is for you!

At VR Business Brokers we know the market, the industry, and the people. Buying a business is a complicated process, but we've been helping people do just that since 1979. 

As an Intermediary with VR Business Brokers you will have the training to lead buyers through the complex process of becoming a business owner in Cambridge MA. To find out more about our requirements, our process, and our competitive advantages, visit the link below and submit your information.

Certified Business Brokers with VR have the experience and professional support to answer questions like…
  • HOW do I find a business for sale?
  • WHERE do I begin?
  • HOW do I find a business that matches my long term goals?
  • HOW do I get financials from the business operations?
  • WHAT is a business really worth?
  • WHO will review the Purchase Agreement?
  • WHEN should I get a lawyer or accountant involved in the process?
  • HOW can I be sure business ownership is for me
When someone buys an existing business they buy much more than buildings, supplies, and databases. They buy a new life. By becoming a Business Intermediary in Cambridge Massachusetts, you have access to the knowledge and experience of our network of brokers to better help people reach their goals, while fulfilling your own.
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  • Coming Soon!! Cambridge, MA

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