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buy a business in Columbus OhioDriven by accomplishment? Eager for new challenges? Want control of your own life? Becoming a business broker in Columbus may be for you!

At VR Business Brokers we know that being a business broker isn’t easy. The decision to buy a business is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime.

As an Intermediary, our objective is for each transaction to stand the test of time by satisfying the wants and needs of both buyer and seller. VR Business Brokers has built its reputation since 1979 by listening to people, understanding their goals and leading buyers through the complex process of becoming a business owner in Columbus, OH.

Business Brokers with VR have the education and training to answer questions like…
  • WHERE do I start?
  • HOW do I find the right business?
  • WHEN will I get to see financials?
  • HOW can I value a business?
  • WHO will draw up the Purchase Agreement?
  • SHOULD I get an attorney or accountant involved in the deal?
  • HOW can I be sure the business will meet my needs?
  • HOW do I find "Valued Representation"?
When entrepreneurs purchase a business they are buying more than just a storefront or equipment and supplies. They are buying a new life. By becoming a business broker in Columbus Ohio with VR, you will have the training and education to help people realize their dreams, while fulfilling your own.
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