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Kensington Lockers
Kensington, Kansas

Steve Fischer of VR Business Brokers located in Wichita, Kansas, is proud to announce that Kensington 20160112_112058Lockers in Kensington, Kansas, has new owners, Dylan and Deidra Tweedy of Kensington, Kansas.

A regional custom slaughterhouse and retail meat store, located approximately 220 miles north and west of Wichita, Kensington Lockers was reborn in 1976 by Wayne and Jolene Beckman. From an empty building to a perineal award winner, the Beckman’s have built the business into a regional institution. Dylan Tweedy and his wife, Deidra, will be the second owners of the business in its 40 year history.

Dylan, a Phillipsburg native, has a background with meat cutting experience. He will be working day-to-day in the operation, maintaining the established practices that have made the business a success. The Beckman’s have positioned the business well for sale and they should be able to transition the ownership seamlessly.

Our office was proud to work with Wayne and Jo during this process. It is not easy to build, operate and sell a business in a town of 450 people. They worked long and hard to reach this point. In addition to working with the Beckman’s and Tweedy’s, our office was fortunate to be able to work with the accountants and attorneys for both parties, the bank, regulatory agencies, appraisers and inspectors to bring this transfer to a close. Over the course of the next several months, the Beckman’s will be working to transfer the recipes, expertise, knowledge and traditions that have made Kensington Lockers a success.

We would like to wish Wayne and Jo a long and happy retirement. We are also excited to watch the Tweedy’s as they embark on their new venture and wish them many, many years of success.

Bullseye Indoor Shooting Range

Witcha, Kansas

From its founding in 1991 to the completion of the sale in November, 2009, Bill was the face, 
heart and soul of Bullseye Indoor Shooting Range. When it came time to sell his business and move into a different phase of life, Bill turned to VR Business Brokers. Not only did our office manage and coordinate the sale and transfer of the business to the new owner but we also introduced Bill to the attorney that represented him in the transaction.

The transfer of any business can be an involved process. Bullseye attracted national attention. Our office worked with and screened many potential buyers before and after introducing the business to local entrepreneur Mike. Mike not only recognized the opportunities that Bullseye currently presented but saw the potential that his background could bring to the range.

Eight months after his initial visit to our office, Mike was the new owner of Bullseye Indoor Shooting Range.  During this time, VR worked with both Mike and Bill on scheduling, due diligence, exchange of information and coordination of the multiple processes involved in the transfer of a gun range and retail firearms business. This enabled Bill to continue operations as normal and allowed Mike to successfully manage his financial services company.

By trusting the business brokers at VR Business Brokers as his source to sell a business, Bill is now able to successfully focus more of his attention on his other passions in life.

By trusting the business brokers at VR Business Brokers as his source to buy a business, Mike is entering an exciting and rewarding new phase of life.

We would like to thank Bill and Mike for trusting the intermediaries and business brokers at VR Business Brokers as their resource to buy a business and sell a business in Wichita, Kansas.  

Substance Abuse Screening Specialists (SASS)
Topeka, Kansas 

Mike and Jenna had been approached by a competing business broker who had a buyer that really wanted to buy their business. It really upset Mike that the other broker insisted that they would have to pay $5,000 for a valuation BEFORE this broker would be able to properly present his business to this or any buyer. This caused Mike to question the actual intent of the other business broker and led him to contact VR Business Brokers. “If the other guy is so sure he can sell my business, why should I have to pay upfront?” Mike asked. This was a question that we could not answer.

When SASS listed with VR Business Brokers, it was a popular acquisition target.   Multiple suitors, corporations and individuals, expressed an interest in the business and VR Plains represented SASS with the professionalism and determination worthy of Mike and Jenna’s trust. The buyer of the business was a corporation who was considering expanding into that market segment and felt that by acquiring SASS they would have a great start. The fact that the buyer was also a current customer created a potentially awkward situation that was made better by the involvement of their VR Plains business broker.

VR Business Brokers was essential in helping Mike and Jenna compile the records and documentation required by the purchaser as they prepared for and navigated through the sales process. Their business broker was also an essential part in negotiating the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement.   Jenna is now able to focus full time on her career in law enforcement. Mike will be staying with SASS as an employee (with a regular paycheck) to aid in the transition and will soon return to school to finish his degree aspiring to become a high school teacher and coach.

By trusting VR Business Brokers as their source to sell a business, Mike and Jenna are now able to successfully move into the next phases of their careers and education.           

We would like to thank Mike and Jenna for trusting the intermediaries at VR Business Brokers as their resource to buy a business and sell a business in Topeka, Kansas.  

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