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The entrepreneurial boom has changed the face of business.  Today, there are close to 20 million small and mid-market businesses in the United States.  As this movement continues to surge forward, VR Business Brokers and VR Mergers & Acquisitions remains at the forefront of Valued Representation. Everyday, more and more business buyers and sellers demand our proven skills and resources to help them succeed in an increasingly complex market.

If you are motivated by personal accomplishment, stimulated by challenge and want the prestige associated with a profession, then becoming a VR franchise owner is for you.  Your career at VR required a serious commitment to marketing quality businesses to qualified buyers.  It is our organization’s goal that each transaction stands the test of time by satisfying the needs and ambitions of both buyer and seller.

Through the proprietary VR Master Business Intermediary Academy, we provide the most extensive training program in the world for our full-time professional intermediaries. Successful completion of initial and ongoing training allows our VR associates to aspire for their MBI (Master Business Intermediary) accreditation, thus gaining the acknowledgement of being at the pinnacle of our profession.

VR is committed to give our franchisees the best in-house training and the right tools to be successful.  From the classroom to the marketplace, ongoing continual training and support is vital to our organization’s success.  In 1979, VR set out to revolutionize the way businesses change hands.  Today, we are the innovative leader in the sale of privately-held companies. With diligence and expertise, a commitment to internal education, and unsurpassed professionalism, we are proud that “VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone.”

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