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What is your Business worth?  VR Business Brokers|Mergers & Acquisitions of Tampa/Apollo Beach can help.
There are several methods to determine the value of your business, and they will all give you various values to a business. There will always be a difference of opinion of value, depending on your perspective at the time - the buyer, the seller, etc. Quite simply, there is no exact method to pinpoint an exact value at an exact time. There will always be a varying degree of valuation at any given time. Let us help you determine the worth of your business through a Broker Opinion of Value, or an Exclusive Third Party Appraisal.  
Most small business owners have been creative to minimize taxes, therefore, their books and records are Recasted or Normalized to reflect the true picture of the businesses money-making capabilities. This means working to add back to profitability all of the legally taken charges to expenses that weren't absolutely necessary. Your VR Business Intermediary will be happy to explain this process in greater detail.

There are many methods of pricing a business. The most commonly used are:
  1. Cash Flow Method: A multiple of the annual cash flow (which we refer to as Discretionary Earnings or "DE" or Earnings Before Interest and Taxes or "EBITDA"). This multiple can vary widely depending on the business, the economy and the industry trend.

  2. Asset Method: A combination of "Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment" (FF&E), the inventory and a multiple of Discretionary Earnings (DE).

  3. Gross Sales Method: Three to 12 months gross sales; again depending on the business, the economy and the industry trend.

  4. Comparable Sales/Market Method: This method compares sales of similar businesses and also the valuation multiples from these acquisitions. An adequate number of comparable companies is necessary to produce credible results. Price is usually related to cash flow and varies with the financing terms agreed upon. Price will also depend on the type of business, the value of the assets, general attractiveness of the business and future potential, among other factors. True market value is what a buyer agrees to pay and seller agrees to accept (without undue pressure).
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  • 200 Frandorson Circle Suite 200 Apollo Beach, FL 33572

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