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Selling your business is a monumental transaction. You deserve to approach this sale with the same professional dedication you used to build your business.  

At VR, we provide Client Companies with Valued Representation that differentiates your business from all others. Valued Representation allows you to focus on your business while we take it through the sales process.  You can depend on us for professional, confidential, and experienced services. 

Selling your business to a qualified buyer at the best possible price is hard work. Keys to the successful sale of your business include:
  • Having provable books and records: Buyers need to see proof of the sales and profits that have resulted from your business in the past.

  • Expecting a reasonable price and terms: Buyers only consider competitively-priced businesses. Providing a list of assets, including furniture, fixtures, and equipment:  Buyers want to see a complete inventory. 

  • Presenting an attractive lease: Buyers need to know what lease terms are available.

  • Displaying the best possible appearance of the business: Buyers are impressed with clean, neat facilities that are in good shape.

  • Valuing the business properly: Buyers are more comfortable with a document that shows them the business is priced competitively.

  • Agreeing to a covenant not to compete: Buyers want you to refrain from competing with them with reasonable terms and conditions.

  • Explaining the reason for the sale: Buyers want to know the reason for the sale and be sure there is no undisclosed information that could affect their business future.  Owners sell their businesses for many reasons, such as retirement, partnership, disputes, relocation, family concerns, illness, or other business ventures.  Knowing the reason for the sale also helps your VR Business Intermediary structure the best possible deal for you. 

  • Being prepared to move quickly: Time is critical when a qualified buyer shows interest. Be ready to move forward with us as soon as that happens.

  • Telling us everything, especially the things that concern you: Almost any adverse situation, including landlord problems, outstanding debt, tax problems, and regulation non-compliance, can be dealt with if acted upon early enough and if identified at the beginning of the process. For your own best interests, please tell us of any concerns in the beginning so we can help.
  • (813) 260-3127
  • 200 Frandorson Circle Suite 200 Apollo Beach, FL 33572

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