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Confidentiality: Confidentiality is the most important concern while selling a business. As your business could be seriously damaged if employees, customers, competitors or suppliers find out you are selling. We never disclose the name or location of your business until a buyer has been fully screened and signs a confidentiality agreement. We minimize the visits to your business and when necessary, we will have buyer visits after hours to protect your confidentiality.

Advertising/Marketing: We advertise your business both locally and internationally. As the industry leaders, we are experts in advertising and marketing your businesses to attract the right buyer. We leverage the buyer relationships that our Network of 60 offices in the U.S., Latin America and Europe has built.

Time: It takes a significant amount of time to manage through all the calls to inquire about your business. And screening the “good buyers” from the “tire kickers” is an art into itself. We do this on your behalf, so you can invest your time running your business. You must remember, that buyers want healthy businesses and you will get a better price for a business that is in optimal shape.

Negotiating Power: As a third party, we can pursue a buyer and encourage him to make a decision without weakening your position. Even if you are an expert negotiator, an intermediary can help preserve a good relation and diffuse problems such as an advisor or relative that is negative to the proposed purchase.

Risk Free: We research your business, help you get the business ready for sale, advise you on pricing, prepare a marketing package, advertise your business, interview buyers, negotiate on your behalf and manage through a complex sale process. And we do it at No Fee, unless a buyer is found at the price and terms you agree upon.

Pricing: We provide a FREE estimate of the value of your business utilizing our exclusive Data Base containing tens of thousands business transactions. And based on the size and scope of your business we can perform a computerized business valuation that will outline with significant detail the value of your business. We ensure that you don't under price and leave money on the table, or overprice and scare good buyers.

Structuring Offers: We structure transactions to minimize the risk of a problem. We use our experience to develop terms that work for everyone and prepare the offer using all the appropriate documents and clauses. Once an offer is received, it is accompanied by an earnest money deposit and information about the buyer. We will counsel you on your options and coordinate with all parties to achieve a timely close.

Escrow/Closing: We can refer capable and qualified attorneys who can safely handle the details of the closing for you at a very reasonable fee. We attend the closing with you.

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