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 How To Buy A Business With VR Business Brokers:

Step One: Submit an inquiry to contact the seller/broker on one of our businesses for sale through any of our listing sites, including our homepage www.VRbizTriangle.com

Step Two: You will receive an email response indicating that we're requesting that you complete an NDA to get more information. Look for this email and complete the form, it may be in your junk mail folder. You can complete it on your phone or on a desktop, and you can sign with your finger on a mobile device.

Step Three: After receiving your completed NDA, we like to chat with any prospective buyer before releasing confidential information about our businesses for sale. As you can imagine, some buyers have no business buying the business they've inquired about! Please call us at (919) 628-0571 or return/accept our call for the "Verbal Screening." It will take less than five minutes.

Step Four: After the brief verbal screening we will "Release" the Confidential Business Review, or CBR, that details the business. The CBR will include the name of the business as well as pictures, sales figures, and more. Our CBRs are n

ormally between 3-15 pages. This report will answer 80-90% of your questions, and possibly create more questions!

Step Five: Call us to discuss any remaining questions at (919) 628-0571. When you are ready to meet the owner and see the facility, we'll ask you to "Prove Funds" that support what you've represented on Step Two.

Step Six: After meeting the owners, visiting the business, and getting all of your questions answered, it's time to make an offer. We can assist you with an offer or we can accept an offer from your business attorney.

Step Seven: Once your offer is accepted, you can do your "Due Diligence." Most people ask for the tax returns, but it's completely up to you what you ask for to decide if the business is right for you.

Final Step: As your closing date approaches, communicate with us about your status with financing and don't hesitate to ask for help. We have many resources to assist with closing the deal including financing and legal professionals.

We are excited that you are taking steps to acquire a business that we have committed to helping a business owner sell. Thank you for choosing VR Business Brokers, and don't forget to call us again when it's time to sell your new business!


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10 Realities of Business Acquisition:

1. There is no perfect business.

2. You’ll learn more meeting with the seller.

3. Ask your business broker any and all questions.

4. Picture yourself as the owner of the business you are considering.

5. If you find a business you like, make an offer.

6. Make your offer based on your valuation and risk assessment.

7. Know your funding opportunities.

8. Make sure acquisition criteria are realistic.

9. Plan for future working capital.

10. Using “deal-maker” professional advisors can save or make you money.
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