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business valuationVR Business Brokers of the Triangle located Raleigh, NC helps business owners determine their options for exiting their businesses. The first question that a business owner needs to answer to determine if now is a good time to sell is “How much is my business worth?” For this reason, VR Business Brokers of the Triangle offers a complimentary Broker’s Opinion of Value.
The Complimentary Broker’s Opinion of Value:
The Broker’s Opinion of Value is a tool that follows the guidelines set forth by the IBBA’s Certified Business Intermediary program which takes a market approach to determining what a business will most likely sell for in the current marketplace. It’s not intended for dispute resolution or legal purposes, but to inform a business owner what the most probable sales price of the business will be. Components of the Broker’s Opinion of Value include:
  • Explanation of Methodologies
  • Analysis of Expenses by Industry Benchmarks
  • Recasting of Income Statements/Tax Returns
  • Comps of similar businesses sold
  • Reconciliation of comps
  • Statement of Most Probable Sales Price
With the information learned from the Broker’s Opinion of Value, a business owners can determine if they want to put their business on the market at the most probable sales price, or if they need to sell quickly they have the option to put their business on at a price lower than the most probable sales price.
Without knowing the Most Probable Sales Price, business owners can’t know if they have a “good deal” when they get to the stage where a prospective buyer has made an offer.
You can download an example of a Broker's Opinion of Value for an actual Triangle business whose name has been changed by clicking here.  For a customized version that calculates your business value, contact VR Business Brokers today for a complimentary Broker’s Opinion of Value.
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