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At VR Business Brokers, we apply investment banking quality and approach to our small to mid-sized business owners.
  • Your business gets the ultimate exposure & professional services: Through our VR network, listed businesses will be showcased to thousands of buyers nationally and internationally. Our ongoing database of confidential qualified buyers is immediately contacted through the VR Buyer Tracking System the moment a business matches their search criteria. Our international network of offices has access to information on your business using our exclusive "BizEx" computer network.  

  • VR's consultative approach: Making quick objective decisions comes naturally to the business owner. So why is the decision to sell your business so difficult? Because it's made by weighing the advantages of moving on against the time and energy that's been devoted to growing the operation. Working closely with Sellers, we guide them through the process until they reach their goal; to obtain a fair price from a qualified Buyer. 

  • Maximize Value: You don't want to sell your business too low, and you don't want to price it too high. VR Maintains the world's largest database of comparable business sales that, when combined with proper valuation techniques and industry trend analysis, allows us to present the true maximum market value for your business.  

  • Maintain confidentiality: Business owners do not want anyone but qualified buyers to know their business is for sale. VR intermediaries are trained professionals who know the importance of maintaining this critical element of confidentiality. 

  • Negotiation Power: VR Guides the seller through even the most complicated contract negotiations, and work with other professionals to help put tax, legal and other business issues in perspective. We find solutions if a problem emerges. 

  • Structuring the Sale: Our experience helps you avoid problems because we structure the sale based on your individual needs. We coordinate with all parties including Legal Representatives, Accountants, and Landlords to ensure a successful transaction. 
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  • 70 County Rd C West Ste 703 Little Canada, MN 55117

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