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Choosing to work with VR, the World's premier firm means you have made the decision to put peace of mind, and the potential to secure the best possible result for yourself at the forefront of the selling process. Choosing VR gives you the ability to continue to operate your business while we professionally market the opportunity to qualified buyers.

This is not an all-inclusive summary of VR’s marketing efforts. VR will market and advertise your businesses to the furthest extent necessary. Furthermore, VR is constantly searching for more effective methods of reaching target markets. VR continues to be the leading force within the industry as it moves into the future, always developing new and innovative practices for the buying and selling businesses, protecting client interests and refining the level of services every small and mid size business owner should expect to receive.

In order to drive the sale of your business and achieve the maximum possible value for your business, VR follows proven marketing methods and tactics that have continually generated favorable outcomes for our clients. All strategies are tailored to meet the needs of your business in an effort to attract buyers that are as unique as the business itself. Facilitating such matches results in optimal benefits for both parties, as well as helping contribute to a smooth transaction.

VR located in Fort Lauderdale concentrates its marketing efforts in five main areas: 
  1. Websites. 
  2. Newspaper and Publications. 
  3. Social Media. 
  4. Direct Mail. 
  5. The VR Network. 

VR Business Sales employs the aid of a variety of websites in an effort to match your business with a suitable buyer. These websites draw hundreds of thousands of hits every day, making your business visible to prospective buyers that might not otherwise become aware of your listing. The websites include, but are not limited to:    

www.vrbb.com www.wsj.com
www.vrbusinessbrokers.com www.bizquest.com 
www.bizbuysell.com  www.businesssmart.com 
www.startupjournal.com  www.businessforsale.com 
www.franchiseadvantage.com  www.businessbroker.net 

Newspapers and Publications

VR Business Sales also utilizes newspapers and various publications for press releases to generate greater recognition of our Firm throughout the community and abroad, driving more traffic to our website where your business is advertised. This methodology increases the number of buyers that view all of our available businesses for sale. VR makes use of both local and national newspapers and publications in order to capture the interest of the right buyer. Newspapers and publications that we use for our press releases include, but are not limited to:    

MSNBC Miami Herald
CNBC Business Insider
BBC News  Newsweek
NPR  USA Today
Google News
CBS News 
Yahoo News

Social Media

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access, opening doors for organizations to increase their brand awareness and facilitate conversations with the customer. Social Media exposure will help your business get maximum exposure plus the ability to get instant feedback allows for continual optimization of the marketing process.

Direct Mail

What makes "direct" mail different than regular mail? Nothing, It's just a way the advertising world describes a promotional message that circumvents traditional media (newspaper, radio, TV) and appeals directly to an individual consumer. These methods include postcards, image materials, and letters to help VR target specific individuals or entities that might be interested in your business and the opportunity it offers.

The VR Network

Perhaps the greatest advantage to working with VR is support and expertise of the vast VR network. 
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