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what is my business worth in Charlotte
Valued Advice: If you are thinking of selling a business in Charlotte, NC, you probably have lots of questions. Questions like, “What is my business worth?” or “Should I sell my business now?” or “How long will the process take?” or “How will you help me find a buyer?” Having sold over 100,000 businesses, we help provide expert advice founded in deep experience.

Understanding You and Your Business: We take the time to learn about you, your business and your unique position in the market. We will work with you to gain knowledge and insights into your business, taking into consideration other key factors such as health issues, life events, and any family circumstances that together impact your decision to sell your business.

Business Valuation: We can provide a professional estimate of the fair market value of your business, whether you need an informal estimate to satisfy your curiosity or an appraisal for legal, accounting purposes or partner dissolution. We will work with you to review your financials to determine the value of your business. We know what businesses like yours in the Charlotte area are selling for and how to price it properly to sell.

Positioning: The right asking price is obviously critical, but so are other terms, such as down payment, financing, non-compete agreements and training. We will determine with you the most effective offering package to get you the best price for your business, which may include some element of seller financing. Our experience in deal structure often makes the difference in a successful transaction.

Advertising and Marketing: We will get you exposure you can’t possibly get on your own, or from any other firm. We use our nationwide of offices and buyers, all the leading Internet sites, newspapers, industry multiple listing services and other proprietary techniques. Additionally we use our growing database of buyers to identify the right buyers who are qualified to purchase and run your business.

Buyer Screening and Qualification: We screen through the “lookers” and “tire kickers.” We qualify the most likely potential buyers for your business. We obtain signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s). The NDA protects you from a potential buyer learning about your business, deciding not to buy your business, and then going into business in competition with you. It is our job to financially qualify buyers on your behalf and work with only those people who can afford the opportunity so we are not wasting anybody’s time.

Introduction and Follow-up: We introduce your business to qualified potential buyers and work with them until they make an offer to purchase. The decision to buy a business is an emotional and difficult one. We know how to assist buyers to help them overcome any issues or concerns.

Negotiation: We work with the prospective buyer to structure an offer for your business that we believe will meet your requirements. We help to ensure you receive the full market value for your business.

Offer Through Closing: Once we have an acceptable offer in hand, we work with you and with your buyer to prepare an agreement to purchase your business that will include a deposit made by the buyer (held in escrow during the due diligence period) We work with you and your advisors (attorney, accountant, landlord, etc.) and vigorously represent you all the way through the closing of escrow. During the due diligence period, we stay closely in touch with you and with your buyer to keep the selling process moving to the closing table, at which time you will see your business exchange hands to its new owners and you will enjoy the gratification of getting paid for your years of dedication and hard work.

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