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Choose to work with VR located in Charlotte, NC and its network of professional business intermediaries when acquiring a business, and team up with the world’s most premier firm.  For over three decades, VR’s leadership in the industry has set the professional standard by which all intermediary firms are measured.  When you choose VR, you receive unparalleled experience, unmatched resources and the most highly trained network of professional business intermediaries available anywhere in the world.

VR is committed to work diligently with every client as an advocate providing a comprehensive consultative approach to each and every business transaction. Our goal is clear: to maximize the value you derive from buying a business.  

Why Buy an existing Business? Because 60-70% of new business fail in the first 3 years.

Still not convinced? Most established businesses continue to succeed after being purchased.

At VR, we realize that finding and buying a business that matches your needs isn’t easy. In fact, the decision of which business to buy may end up being one of the most important decisions of your life. By working with VR and its Valued Representation programs, you have the advantage of dealing with a professional business Intermediary that combines his or her experience with the cumulative knowledge of the entire VR organization.

As an advocate, our goal is for each transaction to stand the test of time by satisfying the needs and ambitions of those involved. VR is a people oriented organization that has built its reputation by caring about people, listening to the needs of its clients, and leading both new and seasoned entrepreneurs through the detailed process of buying a business.

Understanding our role as an “Educator” and “Expert”, every VR Intermediary is patient and poised to answer questions like: 
  • HOW do I get started? 

  • HOW do I find a business that matches my needs and expectations?

  • HOW do I get financial information from the seller? 

  • WHAT is a business really worth? 

  • WHO can I discuss my expected return on my investment? 

  • WHO will write the Purchase and Sale Agreement? 

  • WHEN should I get an attorney or accountant involved? 

  • HOW do I find "Valued Representation"? 
When entrepreneurs buy a business they buy much more than inventory, equipment and fixtures. They buy a new lifestyle or an opportunity to expand into new markets. By working with VR, you have the ultimate advantage of working with professionals that care.

VR has a process for helping you through these questions to help you find the right business for you. Please contact us to get started today.

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  • 9301 Monroe Rd. Suite L Charlotte, NC 28270

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