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Preparing Before Presenting
Peter C. King, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, CEO
Follow the Necessary Steps to a Successful Business Sale.
Most business owners, who are looking to sell, make the mistake of not preparing early enough. This can result in not receiving the maximum dollar amount for your business transaction. The selling process should start when you buy your business. You should know the return that you are receiving on your investment so when the time comes to sell you will not leave any money on the table. In order to consummate a successful sale with a qualified buyer, each VR business intermediary has been trained to help you take the necessary steps. Most business owners should be preparing to sell long before they make the decision to move forward. 

Beware of the Signs
JoAnn Lombardi, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, President

Important Elements a Buyer Needs to Consider in a Business Sale.
Experienced entrepreneurs who have bought a business before will have an advantage over a business owner who is experiencing selling their business for the first time. That being said, most buyers have a very difficult task because of the due diligence portion on the transaction is typically an area that they have no prior experience with performing. The facts have to be uncovered through a comprehensive and thorough investigation. At VR, we will assist you in identifying items that should be scrutinized carefully. 
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Your dream business awaits you..take advantage of these featured opportunities VR has for sale now!
Tax Practice & Bookkeeping Company | $175,000 | Wilmington, NC
Circle K Convenient Store | $650,000 | Artesia, CA
High Volume Restaurant & Pizzeria | $750,000 | Milford, CT
Diner with all New Equipment | $645,000 | Coral Springs, FL
Coil, Leaf and Air Suspension Company | $550,000 | Wyomissing, PA
Voice Communications Business | $195,000 | Greeneville, SC 
Restaurant with Catering Facilities | $1,400,000 | Waukesha, WI
Dry Cleaning Plant with 3 Locations | $199,000 | Charleston, SC 
Retail Pharmacy | $250,000 | Boca Raton, FL 
Chemical Products Manufacturer | $836,000 | San Antonio, TX
VR Located in Denver, CO has been engaged to assist in the Sale of a Security Services Company.
The business provides security and management solutions using a large variety of electronic systems. The three primary systems are surveillance, access control and security. These 3 systems can be fully integrated to provide real tools and management solutions for businesses and homes throughout the United States. Everything can be managed from remote locations allowing owners to manage their business without being present.

Congratulations to Jeff Child on another great engagement!
Top 4 Small Business Funding Methods of 2017
By David Nilssen, CEO and Co-Founder, Guidant Financial
Once you've done your research and chosen the business you'd like to buy, financing your dream is the next step. Many people will dip into their personal cash reserves to start, and then ask friends and family for help or apply for credit cards. But what do you do when that's not enough or you just don't like those options? Here's a look at the top 4 ways business owners are financing their ventures, and what it takes to qualify for each:

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Why Confidentiality Is the Cornerstone of a Closed Deal
Tim Frye, Mile Advisors Via Axial

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of managing a successful M&A process. The investment banker's primary goal is to organize a competitive process that allows the client to maintain negotiating leverage to maximize valuation and ensure the best terms and deal structure for the client.
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VR San Antonio, TX Facilitated the Sale of Sports Related Business.
This business has a strong reputation and a unique business model that provides an amazing opportunity for the buyer who was looking for an established business in the fast growing Youth Sports Industry. The business specializes in working with boys and girls ages 4 - 18. The business trains players to be competitive while teaching values such as team work, strong ethics and respect for others in a competitive environment.
Congratulations to  Javier Luna on a successful transaction!
In today's business climate, our clients demand quality and professionalism. We applaud our VR business intermediaries for a job well done! Here is a small sample of transactions that have closed across the VR network recently:

Baskin Robbins & ToGo Franchise | $237,000 | Artesia, CA
Uniform Supplier | $780,000 | New Haven, CT
Full Service Employment Agency | $249,000 | North Dallas, TX
Structural Engineering Practice | $1,100,000 | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Convenience Store with Property | $500,000|Artesia, CA
Printing Service and Mail Center$165,000 |  North Dallas, TX
HVAC Company | $625,000 |  Savannah, GA
Established Nurse Registry $285,000 |  Boca Raton, CO
Vacuum Heat Treating Equipment | $248,850 |  New Haven, CT
Wings Restaurant and Sports Bar |$650,000 San Antonio, TX
Thinking of selling your business or looking for an established business to purchase? Contact a VR Office nearest you!
Have you ever considered selling businesses? 

Small businesses make up over 56% of the annual U.S. GDP and every year a large amount of them change hands. VR is the industry leader in facilitating such transactions. Click here for more information on how to join VR.
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