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Obtaining Fair Market Value

Peter C. King, VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisitions, CEO

Every VR Business Sales intermediary understands the importance of fair market value when appraising a business to sell. Most business brokers merely rely on book value or the owner's best estimate; even an arbitrary discount or premium based on the type of asset involved. However, this is not correct. Through your VR Business Sales intermediary performing a business valuation, you will be able to arrive at fair market value - for  example, assets, inventory, current revenue streams and intellectual property.

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I'll Show You Mine if You'll Show Me Yours: The Art of Sharing Confidential Information (When it Matters)

Michael O'Donnell of VR in Boca Raton, FL

Since I started to spend the majority of my time on mergers and acquisitions earlier this year, my use of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) has skyrocketed. I sign as many as 20 NDAs every day. The NDA is the bedrock of buying and selling companies. Without a good NDA - and it's proper treatment - no transactions would get done. One little slip-up by either party could do severe damage to a company (usually the seller) and crater the deal. NDA's matter......a lot.

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Your dream business awaits you..take advantage of these featured opportunities VR has for sale now!
Mobile App for Lighting Fast File Transfer | $1,200,000 | Boca Raton, FL
Driveway Sealing Co. | $2,250,000 | New Haven, CT
Precast Concrete Business | $3,250,000 | San Antonio, TX
Heat Exchange Distributor | $2,250,000 | North Dallas, TX
Residential HVAC Business | $449,000 | Naples, FL
Express Oil Change Business with Real Estate | $429,000 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Custom Trailer Manufacturer | $700,000 | North Tampa, FL
Wood Cabinetry Manufacturer | $595,000 | Miami, FL
Organic Urban Farm | $2,900,000 | Waukesha, WI
Industrial Building with Real Estate | $1,500,000 | Charlottetown, PEI, Canada 

Six Important Benefits of Seller Financing

Ryan Jorden, Owner of VR in Calgary, Canada

The time has come to sell your business and move one. If you haven't been through this process before, you may not be aware of just how difficult if is for a buyer to get financing from the banks. The money has to come from somewhere, so just how important is seller extended financing in the sale of your business? If you want to get fair market value and a reasonable return for all the work you've put in, then it's crucial. Here's what you need to know:

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4 Things to Know About Letters of Intent

Via Axial

In the process of negotiating and structuring deal, one of the watershed steps is signing a Letter of Intent ("LOI"). Signing an LOI does not mean that the deal is finalized, but can be an important tool to set the tone, schedule and basic terms of the deal, and a way for the buyer and seller to gauge each other's willingness to proceed. 

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VR located in Boca Raton, FL has been Contracted to Assist in the Sale of an On-Line Team Performance Evaluation Tools and Consulting Services Business
Their services combined with scientifically-validated evaluation tools help to gauge team cohesion, competency, chemistry and communication for both the profit and non-profit organizations. Most companies, once purchasing the on-line tools, will then hire the firm to assist with their human resource consulting services.

Congratulations to Michael O'Donnell on another successful engagement!
VR located in Wyomissing, PA has Orchestrated the Sale of C.F. Heckman, Inc.
VR orchestrated the sale of C.F. Heckman, Inc. to a large private equity owned strategic buyer, who has an annual review in excess of $100 million. The same buyer also purchased All American Septic within a three week period.

The owner of this company is a long-time friend of owner Ray Melcher. VR Wyomissing sold another one of his companies, a portable toilet, and temporary fencing company, in 2015.

C.F. Heckman is a septic system pumping and jetting business serving residential, commerical and municipal customers in central and southern Pennsylvania. The selling price was $1,095,000. C.F. Heckman's annual revenue was $1.6 million.

Congratulations to owner of VR Wyomissing, Ray Melcher, and John Nester teamed up on another successful transaction!
In today's business climate, our clients demand quality and professionalism. We applaud our VR business intermediaries for a job well done! Here is a small sample of transactions that have closed across the VR network recently:

Steel Fabricator | $3,200,000 | San Antonio, TX
Tire Center with Real Estate | $675,000 | Artesia, CA
Coastal Property Management Co. | $300,000 | New Haven, CT
Property Management Co. | $282,500 | Coral Springs, FL

Thinking of selling your business or looking for an establishment business to purchase? Contact a VR Office nearest you!
Acknowledgement & Empathize - And Set Yourself Apart!

Bob Burg, The Co-author of The Go-Giver

While at the new diagnostic center for some blood work, I witnessed an interesting and, unfortunately, all-too-common exchange. An elderly and rather a perturbed-looking woman approached the receptionist's desk. Attempting to be polite but assertive, she said was there "to take another test as your company lost the first one. I can't believe I had to drive all the way again because of a mistake like that." The receptionist, politely, but without any semblance of feeling or empathy said, Please fill out this form."

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Bob Burg is co-author of International Business Bestseller, The Go-Giver (over 500,000 copies sold in 21 languages). To read Chapter One and connect with Bob visit www.thegogiver.com. You can listen to his popular, The Go-Giver Podcast at www.thegogiver.com/podcast. 
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