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December 2015
Volume 16 Issue 12
"Seller Beware", Due Diligence Works Both Ways
By: Tom Taulli

Traditionally, the buyer performs due diligence. However, smart sellers know that it's a two-way street. After all, for both parties it's important to truly understand each other, to make sure that the other is strong and a "good fit", and to uncover possible alternatives to acquisitions. And most important, the seller doesn't want to get burned. Nothing could be worse: You give a chunk of your life's energies into building a company, and then you sell it to a con artist who "pays" you with a small lump of cash and a big pile of worthless stock certificates.
The Bridge Leading to Referrals

By: Bob Burg
For many salespeople, the most difficult part of the referral process is how to transition from the actual sale into asking for referrals without coming across as nervous, abrupt, anxious or even desperate. Enter the "Referral Bridge."

What is a bridge? In the physical world, it's simply a structure that transports a person from one safe piece of land to another. In this case, however, the Bridge is a phrase that will transport you from the safety of the sale and relationship you've built into the actual asking for referrals. This, without any feelings of discomfort, either by you or your potential referral source.

The "Bridge Phrase" I suggest using is: "Anne, I'm in the process of expanding my referral business, and I find it's helpful to partner with my clients and friends such as you. Could we take a few quick minutes to run past the names of some people I might also be able to help?"

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What is Seller Financing?
Private equity is an easy target for politicians. Most feel they can win brownie points with the general public by criticizing fund managers and fostering an "us vs. them" mentality, and even some of the most anti-government candidates lazily slip into arguments about "paying their fair share."PE firms often leverage target companies to increase the probability of reaching target returns. Leverage is a useful tool because it helps generate the necessary capital to drive profitable improvements all while keeping the initial price at a reasonable level.
Firms can use senior bank credit or a mezzanine debt strategy to achieve leverage, but there are times when bank financing doesn't fit or dries up (a major problem in 2008 and early 2009, for example). A third, less heralded form of financing is known as "seller financing" or "owner financing," whereby the seller agrees to help finance the transaction.
VR in Boca Raton, FL Finalized the Sale of a Home Decor Retail Store for $625,000

The VR Boca Raton office has sold a Home Decor Retail Store with an excellent reputation and a high percentage of repeat business. The retail store is located in a recently renovated centrally located shopping center in an upscale environment. The business was sold with a complete internal computer network with excellent business and accounting software. Congratulations to Lilia Berezkina-White on another successful sale!
VR Continues to Match Qualified Buyers with Businesses for Sale
In today's business climate, our clients demand quality and professionalism. We applaud our VR business intermediaries for a job well done!! Here is a small sample of transactions that have closed across the VR network recently:
Auto Body & Paint Shop | $106,000 | Artesia, CA
Optical Practice | $100,000 | Waukesha, WI
IT Services Co. | $400,000 | San Antonio, TX
Signs, Graphics Service & Installation Co. | $299,000 | North Dallas, TX
Thinking of selling your business or looking for an established business to purchase?
The VR Office in Artesia, CA is Engaged to Sell a Metal Fabrication Company for $8,620,000
The Artesia, CA VR office has obtained a listing for a highly profitable metal fabrication business with real estate. The metal fabrication company has been been in business for 15 years and has an adjusted profit average of $600,000. The business provides a complete range of metal fabrication involving the construction of component pieces for machines and structures. It will be sold with all equipment 
For more information, please visit our Artesia, CA office.
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