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VR located in Wilmington Offers You Options:
  1. FREE, No Cost, No Obligation, Opinion of Value by a qualified Associate. Easy, just call the office and request one today! 

  2. Certified Business Appraisals by one of our Experienced Experts. Generally, this is a lower cost alternative to expensive audited Appraisals. Call our office for more information.

  3. Exclusive Third Party Appraisal by one of our Affiliates. These can be audited or reviewed, call our office for pricing and information.
Many of our Associates are certified to provide you with a valuation on your business. We offer no-cost opinions as to the current market value of your business, and fee based complete valuation reports. Times change, and so do the rules of thumb. Your Associate will help you get a feel for what your company/business is worth. Many of our valuations have been used for a variety of reasons such as selling, buying, litigations, trusts, loans, divorces, inheritance, and much more. Please call our office for more information. You can ask for one of our certified appraisers or the office manager.
  • (954) 565-1555
  • 4014 Oleander Drive Wilmington, NC 28403

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