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Professional Valuation Services

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Whether you are a Seller or a Buyer, you might benefit from having an independent evaluation of the business being considered. We are licensed to provide you with an evaluation prepared by one of the most widely recognized authorities in our industry. In addition to analyzing revenue and earnings, this program includes data relating to type of industry, assets, inventory, location, employees, owner involvement, work force, barriers to entry, etc. The comprehensive final report includes value ranges based on industry standards.

Another way to estimate value is reviewing data for comparable businesses that have been sold. Although we have exclusive access to data for over 1,000 area businesses, we sometimes find that your business is unique to anything else in our area. Our franchise network has maintained data on businesses sold across the USA during the last 40 plus years. In addition, this office has a working agreement with several of the largest providers of sold business data in our industry.
At VR located in Wilmington, our team of Professional Business Intermediaries has built strategic relationships and resources to provide clients with state-of-the-art conclusive third party valuations for their businesses. Whether you're preparing an exit strategy, or need to have your business valued for another reason we offer our expertise and professional services to benefit you.

"A business' success is ultimately measured by a business' value. . .Knowing your net worth as a private business owner provides a useful snapshot of where your company stands, what options it has, and how it can improve in the long term.” Inc. Magazine

Mergers & Acquisitions Valuation Report

A Mergers & Acquisitions Valuation Report is intended for larger corporations with an adjusted net income over $2,000,000 that want to position themselves in the mergers & acquisitions arena as a solid investment opportunity. This is a comprehensive business valuation combining historical performance and projected future earnings. This report is useful both in a negotiating role and to pre-qualify your business for outside funding such as SBA guaranteed loans. This helps move the divestiture process along and multiplies the number of buyers that can leverage their initial investment.

Middle Market Valuation Report

A Middle Market Valuation Report is for middle market companies with an estimated value over $1,000,000 that has an adjusted net income between $500,000 and $2,000,000. This valuation report can be demonstrated to potential buyers that need a concise summary of your company. The valuation conclusion is based more on an EBITDA model rather than Discretionary Earnings (DE). The report includes many sections including adjusted cash flow, financial statement analysis, the use of more than ten valuation methods, industry and market comparables, and an investment analysis.

Main Street Market Valuation Report

A Main Street Market Valuation Report is a limited scope report designed for "Main Street” businesses that have a net income of up to $500,000. Nevertheless, the report is great for any business owner, whether you are preparing to sell your business and need to set a fair price, or you just want to know how much your company is worth. We produce a full market data analysis of your business based on several different methods including financial and industry factors, and we produce a value range based on ratios. The valuation conclusion is based on historical and current financial performance. The report contains the following: Historical Income Statement, Adjusted Cash Flow Statement, Comparable Sales, Valuation Method Approach Summary, and Valuation Conclusion and Justification for Value.

Common uses of Business Valuation Reports
  • Establishing the price to buy, sell or merge a business.
  • Annual review of your business performance.
  • Adding new shareholders, setting prices for new stock purchases or buy-backs.
  • Business owner net worth calculation for estate tax and financial planning.
  • Research into feasibility of management or leveraged buyouts.
  • Litigation support such as divorce proceedings of shareholders.
  • Obtaining and maintaining financing; Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP).
  • Stock option and other incentive plans.
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes.
  • Valuation of business spin-offs.
  • Bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganizations.
  • Exit Strategy.
  • Conducting due diligence.
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