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VR Mergers & Acquisitions was formed and structured to provide privately owned and closely held mid-market companies with specialized Intermediary business services and representation throughout the merger, acquisition, and divestiture process.

Why Choose VR Mergers & Acquisition: 
  • Experience. 
  • Assessment meeting. 
  • Meet goals and objectives. 
  • Determine market value professional business presentations. 
  • Successful marketing strategy. 
  • High standards of confidentiality. 
  • Proven results. 
When you work with VR Mergers & Acquisitions you unleash the power of synergistic outreach to find the best path possible to both create and structure your transaction, and see it to its successful conclusion.

VR's team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals during the merger or acquisition process greatly enhances the probability of a successful conclusion. You will receive experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated assistance in all phases of the transaction, from the initial analysis, planning, evaluation, and qualifying of prospective purchasers, through negotiation, closing and comprehensive follow-through.

When divesting a company through VR Mergers & Acquisitions, mid-market business owners follow a structured and proven process:
  • It begins with the assessment meeting to review, your goals and objectives, market value, the selling process, and the costs involved. The purpose is to determine if there is agreement to proceed to the next step. 

  • A business valuation is performed. We also analyze market comparables, competition, industry changes, risk, locations and growth potential. With the results our VR Mergers & Acquisitions team will guide you in determining the best decision to sell or hold. Should you elect to proceed, an exclusive representation agreement is executed. 
  • VR M&A is committed to take your company to market once there is agreement on the value range and pricing strategy. Since its formation, the network provided by VR Mergers & Acquisitions has proven to be the strongest and most dynamic way to gain the knowledge and contacts necessary to access individuals that are in the market for an acquisition. 

  • A professional business presentation is prepared as a prospective for screened qualified buyers. This is an in-depth synopsis that will serve as an overview of your business and industry without identifying information on your company, with the inclusion of product, service, and business model attributes. The presentation will demonstrate the business strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and competitive advantages. A financial summary and analysis will allow prospective purchasers to analyze current and historical data. 

  • Our Professional Business Intermediaries understand the importance of high standards for confidentiality during the divestiture process. The risks are too high for a business transaction to be known on the open market. Our successful marketing strategy combined with our screening of financially qualified buyers who have signed a confidential non-disclosure agreement, cutting-edge technological infrastructure, and our experience and expertise secure the proven results that VR is known for. 

  • VR Merger & Acquisitions provides professional representation at the negotiation table. Our trained and experienced intermediaries have the "deal making" experience to successfully bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We work with the parties to structure a transaction that will deliver maximum benefits to our clients. 

  • You can rely on every VR Intermediary to provide you with exactly the same level of service and professional resources that an institutional client receives from the finest investment bank/boutique. VR Mergers & Acquisitions works with the top three Investment Banks in the world, having been selected as an associate company based upon professionalism, training, track record, and depth of services.             
Professional Service, Proven Results. Visit our dedicated M&A specific at: www.VR-MA.com

  • (954) 565-1555
  • 4014 Oleander Drive Wilmington, NC 28403

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