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Why Use a CBI Professional When Buying or Selling a Business?

If you are a business owner you certainly know that the day will come when you will walk away from your company’s operations. Selling your business will likely be one of the biggest decisions of your professional life.

No doubt you have a good idea of what your business is worth. But there are many factors to consider when putting your company on the market. Is now the best time to sell? Should I look for a cash deal or should I consider certain terms? What about confidentiality?

If you are considering the purchase of a business, you also have many questions such as how the value of a business is determined, what financing options are available currently, how can a search for a suitable business to purchase be performed, and how should the information provided by the seller about a business be verified?

A Certified Business Intermediary, or CBI, is the designation awarded by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to members that have met certain educational requirements and ethical standards. IBBA, with over 1,100 members worldwide, is the largest international, non-profit association operating exclusively for the benefit of people and firms engaged in the various aspects of business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions, and approximately 500 of its members hold the distinguished CBI designation.

In many states, no license is required to become a business broker.  The best objective indication to the public of the competence of a business broker, also called a business intermediary, is if they hold the CBI designation.

A CBI is an experienced, proven professional whose claim of competence is supported and documented. With the skills necessary to handle the marketing, negotiations and complex details involved, a CBI can successfully help complete the purchase or sale of a business.

To earn the CBI designation, an IBBA intermediary must meet the following requirements: 
  • Education – Minimum of 60 class hours of business brokerage courses offered through IBBA and must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development through continuing education and recertification. 

  • Experience – Must demonstrate competence in the application of knowledge gained through practical experience with a combined minimum of three years experience and education in business brokerage. 

  • Knowledge – Must demonstrate a high degree of knowledge garnered through the successful completion of required courses and evidenced by passing the rigorous CBI examination.
  • Ethics – A CBI must thoroughly understand the IBBA’s Code of Ethics and apply the code to his or her business practices. 
A higher level of education and training, and membership in the IBBA, means that a CBI will have more access to people and information than other business brokers. A CBI has professional affiliations with hundreds of other intermediaries in addition to the most current industry information regarding taxes, government and legislation.

A CBI’s preparation, experience and knowledge of current marketplace conditions, and the skill, care and judgment they bring to a project is critically important for anyone looking to buy or sell a business. 
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