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At VR Business Brokers, we are very aware of what it takes to sell a business. Two roles of utmost importance for a professional business broker is to educate the seller and help prepare the business for sale to get the most out of the sale.

Business owners usually sell their business for reasons such as retirement, property disputes, transfer, family issues, desire for change, illness or change of activity, so knowing the reasons for the sale of a business helps us to better structure the transaction.

VR has identified some specific points to help achieve a successful transaction:
  • Having your books and records in order increases the number of potential buyers.

  • Expectations that align to market conditions and prices.

  • Have an updated list of all assets including property, furniture and equipment and intangible assets, such as trademarks and patents.

  • Having an attractive Lease (if applicable).

  • Having the best possible appearance.

  • Valuing the business properly in a well supported manner.

  • Require the seller to sign a non-competition agreement.

  • Have clear and credible reasons for sale.

  • Choose the right time.

  • Avoid surprises by delivering clear and accurate information.      
It is not recommended to list your own business for sale. Most business owners report that the consumption of time does not compensate in the savings of fees. Negotiating with unqualified buyers is a huge distraction to your business and can result in selling your business for much less than you anticipated. In addition, owners find it difficult to work directly with buyers while maintaining the confidentiality their business requires at all times. VR works with a large number of qualified buyers who are looking for businesses just like yours. Contact us.
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  • Alcántara 200 Piso 6 , 6th Floor Las Condes Santiago, CL-RM

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