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Recent articles in Inc. and Entrepreneur magazine conclude that professional valuation services are critical for businesses of any size and not just when a business is being bought or sold. And Inc. magazine recently stated that:

"A business's success is ultimately measured by a business's value...Knowing your net worth as a private business owner provides a useful snapshot of where your company stands, what options it has, and how it can improve in the long term."

Some common uses of valuations include:
  • Determining the price to buy, sell or merge a business. 
  • An annual reality check of your business performance. 
  • A tool for aligning employee goals and business improvement. 
  • Adding new shareholders and setting prices for stock purchases or buy-backs. 
  • Business owner net worth calculation for estate tax and financial planning. 
  • Research into feasibility of management or leveraged buyouts. 
  • Litigation support such as divorce proceedings of shareholders. 
  • Obtaining and maintaining financing. 
  • Employee stock ownership plans. 
  • Stock option and other incentive plans. 
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes. 
  • Valuation of business spin-offs. 
  • Bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganizations. 
  • Exit strategy planning and implementation. 
  • Conducting due diligence. 
VR Professional Valuation Services Are Available To All Customers

Business valuations are useful both in a negotiating role and to pre-qualify businesses for outside funding such as SBA-guaranteed loans. This helps move the divestiture process along and multiplies the number of buyers that can now afford to leverage their initial investment.

VR valuation reports include many sections, such as adjusted financial statements, the use of more than ten appraisal methods, industry and market comparables, and an investment analysis.

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