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VR Business Brokers may be a great career for you if you enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit. We are in the business of helping people get into business. Here are a few things we look for, and are good building blocks for the development of a quality business intermediary:
  • If you have owned a business before, that’s a great start.

  • Being comfortable working with numbers is very important. We are exposed to financial information regularly.

  • Are you a people person? We enjoy helping people retire from a life long career as a business owner, and conversely, we help guide people into new careers as business owners.

  • Are you flexible in both mind and spirit? Being a business broker means we facilitate transactions, and at times we need to act as a buffer between two opposing sides. This is where the “art” of the business comes to play.
We offer the opportunity to achieve unlimited success. We will teach you the basics, by working next to a number of professional business intermediaries who have been in the industry for decades will help shorten your learning curve.
If you feel you possess the qualities necessary to become a successful business intermediary, give us a call. Let’s see if the chemistry is right between us.

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