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The epidemic of corporate downsizing has made business ownership a more attractive proposition than ever before. As increasing number of prospective buyers embark on the process of becoming independent business owners, many voice a common concern: How do I finance the acquisition?

Buyer's Personal Equity:In most small and mid-size business acquisitions this is a key element. Anywhere from 20% to 50% of capital needed to purchase a business comes from the buyer.

Seller Financing: One of the simplest and best ways to finance the acquisition of a business is to work closely with the seller. The terms offered by sellers are usually more flexible and more agreeable to the buyer than those from a third-party.
  • Seller financing greatly increases the changes that a business will sell.

  • Seller financing command a higher selling price.

  • Interest on the seller financed portion of the transaction can significantly add to the total proceeds received for the sale. 

  • Interest rates on seller notes are higher than money market or CD rank rates. Positive consequences compared to all cash sale (check with your tax professionals).
SBA Financing: SBA Financing offers buyers attractive loan terms and interest rates while eliminating or reducing the need for the seller to carry a note. This means a lower down payment and lower debt service for the buyer, which translates into more net income for the buyer. Both of these factors make SBA financing attractive.
  • Often reduces the amount needed for a seller note.
  • Lowers down payment which increases the number of prospective buyers.
  • Lower debt service creates
Valued Representation by your VR Intermediary will include exploring these and other types of favorable financing options available to you as a qualified buyer. During the buyer qualification process, VR will council you and help manage your expectations once an offer is accepted by the seller.

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