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You have spent years building your business. The decision to sell is an important one to business owners and their ability to realize the fruits of their investment and labor. Choosing a professional to market your business is critical to achieving your goals.

As an owner, your primary responsibility to your business is to keep your business running smoothly. Your business background and experience is probably not in selling businesses. At VR our business is marketing and selling businesses.

When business owners reach the decision to sell their business, they should ask these critical questions of prospective brokers:
  • What are your qualifications to sell my business?
  • Is selling businesses your primary business and who do you represent?
  • How should I price my business? What is your approach to marketing my business?
  • How do you get paid?
  • Do you get results?
We will be pleased to have a confidential no obligation meeting with you and describe in detail why we are uniquely qualified to represent business owners in selling their business:
  • We have unparalleled business and marketing experience. We will learn what makes your business tick and develop a tailored program to confidentially market your business to targeted prospective buyers.

  • Our business is selling businesses. The business owner is typically our client and who we represent. We will review with you the importance of establishing a fair price for your business and will provide you a no cost estimate of the market value of your business.

  • We will demonstrate how utilizing the proprietary VR marketing system and approach is of critical importance to identifying and qualifying buyer candidates and ultimately bringing them to the closing table.

  • We get compensated only when the business sells!

  • Frankly, not every business sells, but a business owner needs to make the decision for representation that provides the best opportunity for success! VR Has Sold More Businesses in The World Than Anyone.®
Selecting qualified and experienced professionals is critical in selling your business.

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