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VR Business Brokers located in Temple Terrace has a team of professional business intermediaries ready to serve you. Each adheres to VR business principles, has completed VR's industry leading training, and brings a wealth of experience in owning, operating and selling privately held businesses to our clients.

Our uncompromising commitment to our clients' confidentiality, extensive network of offices and the most technologically advanced assessment/marketing methods available today, provide our clients with a level of success unequaled in the business sales industry. VR replicates Investment Banking type services to the business owner: we provide confidentiality along with deep financial and business understanding.

VR has set the standard for the Business Brokerage Industry. 
It is necessary to dispel a rumor that circulates in an unregulated industry of 1 or 2 man shops of so-called business brokers working from their laptops out of coffee shops or also operating another venture full time and devoting what is left of their day to you. They will tell you that your main street business or professional practice should be handled by someone who only specializes in that industry. 

This posses several questions:
  1. Do you think that it would be powerful, the moment your company is marketed, to have your company instantly be on the desktops of a network of full-time business brokers, in over 100 offices worldwide?

  2. Do you agree that the key in selling your company is presenting it face-to-face to the right people? A larger number of qualified buyers means a higher price for your business. The VR Network dominance in the marketplace gives us 100's of buyers and a backlog of thousands of prospects searching for businesses.

  3. Do you want to use our International corporate power to impress schools, local and state associations that forward buyer leads to us. It is very likely that the best contacts you need are already in our network?

  4. Do you understand our valuations allow you to access the highest level of accuracy as the comparisons are based upon closing documents rather than survey? That means greater accuracy and acceptance from the financial institutions?

  5. Do you understand a valuation completed by a certified appraiser can give your company future earnings value and any other can only look backward at your past revenues? VR professionals have access to BizStats, the largest national database of sold businesses anywhere to assist in business valuations. And only VR professionals have access to the VR global network. VR website, and VR BizEx business listing system - a powerhouse marketing system that exposes your business to the world.

  6. Is time a valuable resource to you? Do you understand that it takes a tremendous amount of time to sift through all of the inquiries and find a qualified buyer? How valuable is it that we have all the resources' and staffing to do that for you so you can spend your time running your business? If you did find an interested buyer on your own, you would spend a tremendous amount of time showing them your records and operation. We allow you to protect your business' value by spending full time running it.

  7. Can you appreciate that Advertising alone does not sell companies? Did you know 1% of buyers actually buy the business they called on and less than 30% buy the type of business they called on? We receive a good cross section of buyers and then conduct in-depth interviews with them to determine their qualifications. When we find someone who is a good fit for your business, we will steer them toward it. This way you get the benefit of every ad we run for every business we represent!! Wherever could you benefit from dozens of brokers in several countries in the world that have marketing access for your business?

  8. How powerful of a position is it for you when we can pursue a buyer without damaging your negotiating position? Every time you contact a buyer yourself, it weakens your negotiating power. As your third party intermediary, we identify the buyer and encourage him to make a decision, without implying in any way that you are anxious to sell. All of our associates are experienced negotiators. Even if you are a good negotiator, it really helps to have an intermediary between you and the buyer to preserve your good relations. Every buyer has advisors, relatives, etc. that may have negative feelings about the proposed purchase. We know how to spot this and handle these situations.
VR has an exemplary track record in the transfer of existing businesses to new owners.

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