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Acquisition Opportunity - National Distributor of Sun and Skin Care Products
VR Business Brokers, M&A located in MN and Lakes Business Group in WI have been engaged to assist in facilitating the sale of national sun and skin care distributor.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to acquire a company poised for strong growth nationally and globally in the fast- growing sun and skin care market. The company has been in the sun and skin care market for over thirty-five years and is well recognized in high-end hotels, resorts, sports market and boutique stores with its premium products. The brand is well known in the market place as a top of class as well as for great quality, with natural ingredients exceeding consumer expectations for product performance. The company has developed product lines targeting mass market retailers. Potential for revenue increase through mass retail in the sun care market is $25M in additional annual sales in the next three to four years.
Sun and Skin Care Market Trends 

The global sun care market is set to expand at a 5.8% CAGR, rising to a total of $24.9 billion USD by 2024. Global market and North America region offer lucrative growth opportunities.

Several market trends are: • Growing demand for anti-ageing products • Booming consumer demand for innovative and eco-friendly, natural products • Rising skin cancer rates around the globe • Significant demand for multi-functional products for sun and skin care • Growing demand for men’s skin care products
Top Line Sales Performance and Projections (in Millions)

2017: $3,657 | 2018: $3,800 | 2019: $5,368 | 2020: $6,811 | 2021: $10,125
  • 35+ years in business, with a well-established positive reputation
  • Brand recognition in sun care market serving luxury markets in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Natural ingredients, proprietary formula with high quality attributes promoting natural and eco-friendly products
  • Innovative packaging design aligned to current market’s consumer insights
  • Product offerings include sun and skin care, facial care, lip care, hand sanitizer and insect repellent
  • Headquartered in the USA and products are manufactured in the USA with strong supplier relationships
  • Talented management team and an award-winning in-house marketing and design team
  • Current market segments are specialty retail, promotional, and international distribution

Business is priced at $12,000,000

A Special Non-Disclosure is required to view this opportunity.
Please contact Young Bebus at 651-330-1767 or youngb@vrtwincities.com
(651)330-1767. 4655 Nicols Rd. Suite 102. Eagan MN 55122
  • (651) 330-1767
  • 4655 Nicols Road Ste 102 Eagan, MN 55122

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