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Plan your exit strategy with our experts at VR Business Broker of Miami.

VR knows the best way to sell, with registered buyers worldwide who are waiting to find you.
miami mergers acquisitionsWe specialize in Mergers and Acquisitions nationally and internationally.

Explore our options of a merger or acquisition of a company and we’ll simplify this process.

Many entrepreneurs think that M & A transactions are to “sell out and be out.” Some buyers want the founder to stay on as the president or consultant. Other buyers desire to become an equity partner by purchasing only a part of the company. Whatever option you explore, we will convert your hard-earned business asset into cash.

Very few entrepreneurs have an effective exit plan. Proactive planning will allow an exit from a position of strength.

Reasons to Sell Your Business with VR Business brokers of Miami and our national and international network of over 60+ offices worldwide with thousands of businesses sold since 1979:
  • Strict Confidentiality and integrity
  • Extensive Research Capabilities
  • Thousands of Registered Buyers
  • Free Preparation of executive business Summary
  • No Upfront Fees and surety of execution
Our Value-added services:
  • We determine the seller’s needs, financial and personal, as criteria for the direction of our research efforts as Brokers.
  • We review financial statements, analyze deeply your company to understand hidden values and true profit, prior to an expanded buyer search.
  • We create an executive summary for the buyers to facilitate introductions. This gives a complete picture of the history, operations, personnel, finances, and marketing policies of the firm with the seller’s own indications of future directions and potential.
  • We help the buyer evaluate the business, its assets, cash flow, sales and profit trends, industry and competitive environment, and potential for growth. 
  • We target and find the buyers (or merger) prospects. We use our network, research techniques, databases, advertising (where necessary), letters, telemarketing, and visitations.  

Contact us today to arrange a confidential meeting.  

  • (305) 448-5559
  • 900 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 501 Miami, FL 33132

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