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William Park is the first two-time MVI winner, having previously won the 2008 honor. Since becoming partner of the VR office in Artesia, California in 1998, William has shared his extraordinary wealth of experience and knowledge with those he comes in contact with.

His leadership, excellence and commitment have helped him and the VR office in Artesia continuously make the Top 10 in the organization.

"I would like to thank VR for this honor of being selected the 2010 MVI," says William. "It's a warm recognition in a money-driven industry such as ours. To be successful, you must be disciplined, and your focus should be on setting up meetings with buyers and sellers. A successful day is measured by how many buyers and sellers you spoke to or met."

William sites a few areas that every VR office can learn and integrate into their practices:
  • Any office will struggle when the average agent has less than 10 listings. The VR office in Artesia has continued to see most agents' average 20+ listings.
  • Any office can overcome the worst of times when 200+ listings are being maintained such as with the Artesia office.
  • Any office will struggle when the average agent has less than 10 listings. The VR office in Artesia has continued to see most agents' average 20+listings. 
  • Go after listings that are selling at the time such as food-related businesses.
  • If a new listing is unique to the inventory, get 2-3 similar listings to have a chance at selling one.
  • An associate's primary focus should be on creating deals, meeting buyers and sellers.
  • An owner's primary focus should be on breaking down those barriers that distract an agent from their primary focus - "Less paperwork, less computer work, less bureaucracy, more razzle dazzle."
"It's not easy to manage as a 'Sales Leader' because it's instinct for owners to worry more about policy managing as an 'Office Owner.' Obviously, it would be ideal to strike a good balance, but I prefer the title of 'Sales Cheerleader.'

William describes being a business intermediary as "something difficult to be great at, but a great thing to be good at."

We congratulate William Park as the 2010 VR Most Valuable Intermediary.

It was a difficult decision to choose that one individual who has stood up to the VR standard of excellence that was set by our previous winners.

So many of our VR family have achieved and contributed so much this past year, and we commend all of you for your hard work and dedication.

However, we had to find that one person who stands out from the rest with the following qualities:

  • A person that has excelled beyond expectations;
  • A person who was driven to succeed;
  • A person with unconditional dedication;
  • A person who deserves to be VR's Most Valuable Intermediary in so many ways with proven results.
This year's MVI has proven like so many successful entrepreneurs out there that through hard work, thorough ingenuity, effective use of the tools and resources that are provided, and outstanding leadership; the sky is the limit.
Having owned Fast Sign and Minuteman Press franchises in the west before becoming partner in the VR Office in Artesia, California in 1998, William Park has brought an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge that has served him well.

His leadership, excellence and commitment is the reason why they have continuously made the Top 10 every year in business sales as well as winning several Centurion Awards. Individually, he has won numerous Victory Awards for his consistent number of successful business transactions. As an Owner in the #1 VR Office Worldwide, William has continued to show his dedication through his performance and will to motivate and succeed.

We are proud to name William Park the 2008 VR Most Valuable Intermediary.
  • (562) 402-2686
  • 17100 Pioneer Blvd, Ste 195 Artesia, CA 90701

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