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Ran Kim, Owner:
 Ran Kim first joined VR Business Brokers in 2000 as an associate, and over the years has gained extensive knowledge and experience in business and commercial sales. She possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from California State University of Fullerton, and she has used her vast knowledge of the industry to benefit clients throughout the region. Ran has grown over the years, and is well respected in the business and finance community. She is currently the president of Biz Intermediaries and franchisee of a top ranking office within the VR Business Brokers system. Ran can be reached via email at rankimvr@gmail.com.

William Park:
 William has been in the business of selling businesses since 1997. Starting as an associate, I quickly learned about the industry and began to excel in the art of deal making when it comes to small business. I became proficient in the art of listing and selling small businesses. After a number of top producer awards, I was given the opportunity to become a partner in the firm. I have been the office manager of 20+ associates since 1998. William can be reached via email at williamvrbb@gmail.com

Paul Lin:
Paul Lin is an icon in the business brokerage industry. As one of the first franchisees of VR, Paul has been a mainstay of VR since 1982. He has been the broker of record and overseen thousands of business transactions throughout Southern California. He has employed hundreds of agents over the years and has had a profound impact in each of their careers. Although business was not Paul's study at the University of Florida, his ability to problem solve, analyze, and his familiarity with numbers did crossover as an engineer. After many decades of involvement in the business community, he has learned that business is more about people than just the numbers. When you care about people, you can then let your conscious and ambitious work together. Paul can be reached via email at paullinvrbb@gmail.com.

Neil Kaplan:
Neil is one of the top agents in the entire VR Business Brokers network. If a top performer is who you are looking for, Neil is who you are looking for. Neil can be reached via email at bestbusinesses@aol.com.


Warren Lee:
Warren is an aggressive business broker with ample experience in the small business sector. Both Korean and English languages are spoken. Warren can be reached via email at warrenleevr@gmail.com.


Roopa Syed: 
Roopa is a dynamic business broker with the ability to speak several languages including those from India, Pakistan, and English. She is just as comfortable working with buyers and sellers, and a wide range of business industries. Small and large businesses are handled with care and professionalism. Foreign E-2 and EB-5 Investors are welcomed as Roopa is able to guide everyone from savvy to novice business buyers. Roopa can be reached via email at roopasyed@gmail.com.


Carole Chiang:
Carole is a vibrant business broker with a solid education and business experience. Carole is comfortable working with either buyers and sellers of businesses. Languages spoken are Chinese and English, and Carole is knowledgeable of our region. Carole specializes in a variety of small businesses ranging from the food industry, retail, service, franchises, manufacturing, distribution, and commercial properties. Carole can be reached via email at carolevrbb@gmail.com.

Marsh Abdine:
Marsh has been a Business Broker since 1978, English and Arabic languages spoken. Marsh can be reached via email at

Javier Ruiz:
Javier has over 40 years experience as a business sales professional working with small and large businesses ranging from fast food to manufacturing. Javier has also owned a construction company, wholesale watch repair, car wash, motels and Real-Estate offices. Most importantly, he is able to bring insight into each deal working with buyers and sellers, having extensive knowledge and experience gained through ownership and management of real estate related businesses. Experience planning, developing, organizing, evaluating, and following-up varied responsibilities in a timely manner. I'm a person with an analytical mind, who takes pride in a job well done and have the drive and determination to make it happen. English and Spanish languages spoken. Javier can be reached via email at javiervrbb@gmail.com.


Adam Payind:
Adam is an exciting, energetic associate with the client's interest always in mind. He is capable of effectively assisting sellers and buyers of business in a wide variety of industries and markets. With five languages spoken and cultures understood, Adam is able to cross many boundaries to facilitate deals in today’s marketplace. Adam can be reached via email at adamvrbb@gmail.com.


Jonathan Hwang:
Jonathan is a young energetic associate with many years of business experience with determination and drive. Both English and Korean languages are spoken and written by Jonathan fluently and professionally. If you are looking for a business broker with a "can do" attitude with a real sense of urgency, then you have chosen the right associate. Give Jonathan a call when you are ready to sell your business or looking to invest and launch a new career as a business owner. Jonathan can be reached via email at jonathanvrbb@gmail.com.


Ladonna McClellan:
Ladonna McClellan joined VR Business Brokers in 1999 as a licensed real estate broker. Prior to affiliation with VR Business Brokers, Ladonna was a co-owner of Brooks Realty, in which, she marketed and sold bank REO's apartment buildings and single family homes. During this time, Ladonna was a loan originator well versed on loan programs and guidelines for VA, FHA, and conventional loans. Ladonna considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of VR Business Brokers' team of dedicated professionals. Ladonna can be reached via email at


Sherry Hafez:
Sherry Hafez joins VR with many years of experience and ownership of multiple national franchise brands. As a former client of VR Artesia, Sherry understands the value of representation by a well organized business brokerage firm. Sherry posses a degree in accounting and MBA. She also speaks fluent English and Arabic languages. Sherry Hafez can be reached via email at sherryvrbb@gmail.com.


Brian Yang:
Brian Yang is an energetic bilingual agent who speaks both English and Korean languages. Brian has many years experience as a professional business broker and the insurance industry. Brian is actively working with both Sellers and Buyers of small businesses throughout the Southern California region. Regardless of your business interests, feel free to call upon Brian to help you reach your goals on the path to success. Brian can be reached at brianvrbb@gmail.com.



Amy Eng:
Amy Eng is an experienced and highly qualified business broker with a diverse background. She is known for her personalized service, attention to details and fine-tuned negotiating skills and outside-the-box creativity to tenaciously close deals. She gets the job done. If you are in the market to Sell or Buy a business, please contact Amy for professional representation in all sectors and industries. Amy can be reached at amyvrbb@gmail.com.



Steve Benson: 
Mr. Benson was the owner and Broker for the VR Business Broker office in Huntington Beach since 1997 which was consistently one of the top offices in the entire VRBB Network. A native Californian, Mr. Benson started in business brokerage in 1979 right here in the Greater Los Angeles area. His greatly diverse background in the industry includes the following: Broker and/or Owner of 10 VR Business Broker franchises, founding President of the Southern California VR Business Broker Franchisee Association, founding member of VR Business Broker’s “Advisory Committee” and most importantly, approximately 2000 business sales. One of Mr. Benson’s finest accomplishments is that during the five years he spent as the “Director of Franchise Support” for the VR Business Broker network he personally trained hundreds of associates and franchise owners including many of the top award winners in the network today. Steve can be reached via email at stevebbenson@gmail.com.

Jude Seleck:
 Jude Selek is a licensed real estate and business sales professional with many years of experience having owned a number of small businesses himself. Jude has always had a passion for business, and his enthusiasm shows through his work in dealing with Sellers and Buyers. Jude is able to handle small and midsize businesses and companies anywhere in the Southern California area. Jude brings a calm, confident and stable personality to what can be complicated deals in today's market. Feel free to contact Jude Selek when you are in need of a business broker who is able to get the job done right. Jude can be reached via email at judevrbb@gmail.com.


Jimmy Yu: 
Jimmy Yu has many years of experience in business with a wide range of direct first hand knowledge. He is dedicated to serving his clients applying his knowledge and experience, and being able to speak fluently English, Korean and Chinese languages. Although Jimmy is of Chinese descent, he has a diverse cultural background. Professionalism, Reliability and Stability are characteristics which Jimmy Yu brings to the table. A solid background in business and honesty are rarities in today's disingenuous market, but it is exactly what you will find in Jimmy Yu. Call Jimmy to handle your most valued assets. Jimmy can be reached via email at jimmyhyuvrbb@gmail.com.

Takuma Funaki:
Takuma has B.A., degree in economics from university in Tokyo, Japan and also completed pre-MBA program at SDSU. He has owned and operated his own business for over 10 years therefore understands ins and outs of small businesses. Takuma speaks English and Japanese fluently. Takuma is extremely motivated and have proactive work ethic which his clients could definitely appreciate working with Takuma in business brokering transactions. Takuma can be reached via email at takvrbb@gmail.com.


Christine Lee:
is an experience business person with a lifetime of success from every aspect of business as owner and agent. Christine understands to needs of business people looking to sell and/or buy. Multiple languages are spoken with proficiency in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. Christine is comfortable working with all industries and niche markets from manufacturing, distribution, service, retail, hospitality, food and beverage markets. Regardless if you are looking to buy or sell in Southern California, or need help with an E-2 Visa business purchase, Christine is a very capable business broker who can help you navigate selling or buying a business. Christine can be reached via email at ChristineVRBB@gmail.com.


Joe Negrete:
is an energetic business broker with many years of experience dealing with business owners throughout the southland of Los Angeles, Orange and surrounding Counties. Joe is qualified to work with Buyers and Sellers of small to large businesses including all industries and niche markets. Being fluent in Spanish, Joe is able to be effective in our diverse community. Professional, Courteous, Prompt and Goal Oriented describes the attributes of Joe Negrete. Many satisfied customers over the years, Joe is glad to be at your service. Licensed by the Department of Real Estate #02017747. Joe can be reached via email at JoeVRBB@gmail.com.


John C. Kim:
has been serving the small business community since 2004. As a former businessman and restauranteur himself, John is well versed in business and the needs of both Sellers and Buyers. It's not always an easy transaction when dealing with small business Owners and Buyers, so it helps to have someone with experience and the understanding an experienced business broker and entrepreneur can bring to the table. John speaks both English and Korean fluently which can come in handy in today's marketplace. Give John a call today to set up an appointment. John can be reached via email at johnkimvrbb@gmail.com.

Hadley Gaffney:
Hadley is a passionate business woman with a lifetime of experience with our Southern California business community. She is eager to help both Sellers and Buyers of small businesses. No matter what kind of business you're in, Hadley speaks your language. Reach out to Hadley today, and she will help you reach your goals for tomorrow. Hadley can be reached via email at hadleyvrbb@gmail.com.

Michael Lawrence: 
joins VR with many years of business ownership. Lawrence and family own numerous liquor stores, gas stations, restaurants and a wholesale bread company. Lawrence owned his first business at 20 years old. He is a passionate broker who cares about his sellers needs and works very hard to find qualified buyers. Lawrence is always available to his clients anytime of the day. He can be reached at lawrence@vrbusinessinv.com.


Dan Cojucar:
Dan is an active broker working with both sellers and buyers to help them achieve their goals. With an accounting background, Dan is able to "work through" the numbers with you. Professionalism is where you start when you begin to describe Dan Cojucar, and honesty follows immediately. Dan can be reached via email at dcojucar@yahoo.com.

Al Hussain: Al is a dynamic business broker with many years of experience in Business. Languages spoken are English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. Al works with both buyers and sellers. Al can be reached via email at vrbroker14@gmail.com.

Robert Jahromi: Robert has been a business broker since 1987 working with buyers and sellers. Robert speaks both English and Persian languages. Robert can be reached via email at vrbroker@gmail.com.
Hemendra Patel: Hemendra is an associate who understands business buyers needs, and is able to relate to business owners. He has many years of experience as owner of a number of businesses in various sectors. Indian language and culture are of first nature to Hemendra while he has lived many years in the U.S., and specifically in the Southern California area. Clients will find Hemendra to be very compassionate, motivated, and accommodating to all. Hemendra can be reached via email at harrypatelvrbb@gmail.com.
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