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VR Business Brokers / Mergers & Acquisitions Announces Robert McCormack, Owner of VR in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania wins VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award ("MVI").
Fort Lauderdale, Florida / April 30th, 2019
VR Business Brokers / Mergers & Acquisitions, a leader in the sale of privately help companies, is pleased to announce Robert McCormack, owner of VR in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania has been awarded the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award. Winning the MVI is the highest honor an individual can achieve in the VR organization. Winners are judged on their leadership, professionalism, achievement, ethics, participation, and industry stature. MVI’s are the leaders in VR, and beacons of our profession.
Since 2005, The VR Most Valuable Intermediary has been awarded annually to people who recognize that VR is not just a sales organization, its role is that of advocate and advisor to the entrepreneurs either entering or exiting business ownership.
Mr. McCormack has been part of VR for over a decade and has developed a reputation for a client first philosophy in both VR’s core business and middle market transactions. Prior to joining the organization, he served as President and CEO of a billion-dollar diversified financial services company. During that term he negotiated numerous acquisitions of banks, therefore growing the company’s asset base, revenue streams, and geographic reach.
“Last year Bob was the first ever winner of the VR Mergers & Acquisitions Award for successfully facilitating a business transaction of over $65 million. This year we are proud to present him with the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award. This coming year he is the President of the M&A Source which prides itself on being the leading trade association in the middle market. His accomplishments and expertise set the bar to which our organization strives. It is my honor to bestow this award on Bob, but more importantly call him my friend.”, stated JoAnn Lombardi, President of VR Business Brokers / Mergers & Acquisitions.
“It is my privilege to accept the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award. Individual awards are always supported by a great organization and I am certainly part of one locally, nationally, and internationally with VR.”, remarked Mr. McCormack as part of his acceptance speech.
“VR salutes the achievements of it team members both quarterly and annually. To win the VR Mergers & Acquisitions Award, and the VR Most Valuable Intermediary Award in back to back years is quite an accomplishment. I personally want to thank Bob for all his hard work, winning the MVI and his dedication to the organization.”, reflected Peter C. King, CEO of VR Business Brokers / Mergers & Acquisitions.
For more information on VR and Robert McCormack, visit www.vrbb.com or www.vr-ma.com.
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