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If you are motivated by personal accomplishment, stimulated by the challenge and want the prestige associated with a profession, then becoming a VR Business Intermediary is for you.

Your career at VR requires a serious commitment to marketing quality businesses to qualified buyers. It is our organization's goal that each transaction stands the test of time by satisfying the needs and ambitions of both buyer and seller.

VR trained intermediaries created the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to standardize business practices, generate forums for new ideas and provide methodologies for continuing education. Today, VR fills the void for quality service that exists between the real estate and investment banking industries.

VR is committed to giving our intermediaries the best in-house training and the right tools to be successful. From the classroom to the marketplace, ongoing continual training and support are vital to our organizations' success.
At VR, you will be trained on how to:
  • Building an inventory of quality businesses to sell.
  • Value and price a business.
  • Formulate different transactions structures to maximize value.
  • Prepare a VR Business Profile.
  • Confidentiality launch a marketing campaign.
  • Educate buyers and sellers on the transaction process.
  • Recast financials statements.
  • Facilitate negotiations.
  • Prepare all necessary documentation.
  • Navigate successful due diligence.
As a professional VR business intermediary, you will manage the process of selling businesses with the goal of successful transactions, while the owners continue to manage their businesses.  

  • (904) 201-9748
  • 7899 Baymeadows Way Suite 300 Jacksonville, FL 32256

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