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The following are among the key aspects of the sales process that the VR office located in Greenville delivers to its clients:
  • Comprehensively reviewing the fundamentals of the business and formulating the most effective marketing strategy with which to position the business for sale;

  • Advising on how to prepare accurate financial information that best represents the business for ease of review during the due diligence process;

  • Determining a valuation range for the business;

  • Providing access to an independent third-party valuation service, if appropriate;

  • Establishing the optimum listing price and terms;

  • Qualifying interested buyers before disclosing detailed information on the business;

  • Negotiating terms of the asset purchase offer;

  • Coordinating the due diligence process;

  • Negotiating terms on real estate leases, consulting agreements, non-compete agreements, note terms, etc.;

  • Serving as a liaison for all buyer and seller professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants;

  • Coordinating the preparation of all transaction closing documents with the closing attorney.
  • (864) 335-5222
  • 1024 East North Street Suite A Greenville, SC 29601

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