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The evaluation criteria of a candidate should focus on three important issues:
  • Sector or Industry.
  • Size.
  • Price.
This type of screening approach can be accomplished in a manner whereby fundamental information and research is presented by a VR advisor to the client, reflecting all potential goals and requirements.

Thousands of companies are open to acquisition and divestiture. However, unless the needs of the parties are focused, finding the correct transaction may be an impossibility. A well designed and executed plan of evaluating targets can result in a steady stream of possibilities for a company. Separating attractive opportunities from the many available, requires strict attention to the developed criteria for target evaluation.

That being said, the search and screen process justifies only so much time in the world of mid-market transactions, since the parties have to be prepared to take action quickly.

As mentioned above, sector/industry, size, and price are the key criteria used for the initial screening. Screening for additional attributes will involve us working more closely with you, our client.

  • (239) 908-0740
  • 8890 Terrene Court Suite 103 Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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