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VR specializes in handling merger, acquisition, and divestiture services for the mid-market company. VR is committed to providing the best intermediary service with the goal of serving every client competently and confidentially.

Our area of expertise is to value and market privately owned and closely held companies. VR assists in all phases of the transaction, linking initial analysis, planning, evaluation, qualifying of prospective purchasers, negotiation and follow through until the successful closing of the transaction.

VR represents companies in a wide variety of industries. Their broad range of knowledge provides the ability to assist the seller not only in the actual transfer of company ownership, but also in preparing the company for sale and ensuring an orderly transition of management and continuity of operations after the sale.

We work as a team with your other professionals to provide practical advice on business valuation, industry and area economic and tax considerations, asset purchase allocations and financing methods and resources. By providing thorough assistance before, during and after the sale, we assure our buyers and sellers of the greatest possible opportunity for success.

VR prepares a complete program to market the business. This includes a customized marketing package including a business valuation and market analysis. The company receives wide exposure through the distribution of a confidential business profile within VR M&A international network.

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