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Eduardo Sosa, JoAnn Lombardi
VR Business Brokers is focused on listing and selling privately held businesses. Our Office has sold more than 250 businesses over the last 10 years ranging from a sale price of US $30,000 to over $18 million. We are consistently ranked among the top ten producers in the organization worldwide amongst our VR network of offices. We have eight highly seasoned and fully trained intermediaries facilitating business sales transactions. Plenty of Latin-American Buyers keeps us very busy in helping them find the right business for their profile.
We seek to accomplish this by leveraging our Investment Banking and management expertise with the accumulated knowledge of VR Business Brokers, using our business contacts throughout Latin America, hiring and training successful business persons and developing in our associates a passion for matching the right business to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, thus getting a fair market price for every business listed for sale in the shortest amount of time the industry has attained. 

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Each office is independently owned and operated. Our office is owned by Your U.S. Business Broker, LLC.
BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Eco-Friendly Drop Store in Davie $80,000$80,000$166,426$17,312West Broward
Martial Arts and Fitness Franchise $450,000$450,000$500,685$85,883Southwest Broward
Neighborhood Bar in Broward County $110,000$110,000$178,002$75,815Broward County
Italian Restaurant in West Boca Raton $59,000$45,000$166,320$36,912West Boca Raton
Dry Cleaning Franchise in Weston $599,000$499,000$0$0West Broward
C- Store in Boca Raton $230,000$230,000$540,000$60,478East Boca Raton
Plastic Forming Business in SE Florida $890,000$890,000$1,223,461$278,113South East Florida
Beautiful Day Spa/Hair Salon in Boca Raton $69,000$50,000$0$0Palm Beach County
Trendy Wine/Tapas Bar North Broward $195,000$195,000$340,000$100,200North Central Broward
Dry Cleaning Franchise in Broward $650,000$500,000$0$0West Broward
Full Eco friendly Dry Clean Plant $220,000$220,000$0$0Northwest Broward County
Popular Deli Market in South Florida $269,000$219,000$700,886$51,442East Broward County
Beautiful Diner in Broward SOLD $249,000$125,000$520,000$26,742West Broward County
Diner in West Broward SOLD $249,000$200,000$852,522$163,544Broward County
Transportation of Refrigerated Goods in So. FL. SOLD $1,150,000$900,000$10,113,446$764,785South East Florida
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  • 9900 West Sample Road Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33065

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