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VR located in Oak Brook, Illinois services the Northeast portion of Illinois including the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry and Kankakee.

Each Intermediary comes from a variety of backgrounds, including small business owners. We are proud to have multi-language capabilities. 

Successful recent sales include: Auto Repair, Distributors, Financial Services, Home Improvement Firms, Landscaping Contractors, Manufacturers, Restaurant/Fast Food, Retail, Service, and Transportation Services.

We concentrate on industries that have experience in a wide array of sectors. The clients we choose to work with vary in size. Each Intermediary typically works with a handful of companies at a time, ensuring each business and potential buyers are accorded the resources needed to service them properly.

Each office is independently owned and operated. Our office is owned by Midwest Venture Resources, Inc.
BusinessPriceDown PaymentGross RevenueEarningsLocation
Established Auto Repair Shop $460,000$460,000$800,000$0Boone Country, KY
Nationally Established Transmission Shop $275,000$275,000$0$0Pensacola, FL area
Handyman Business $128,000$128,000$173,000$0Near North Suburbs
Nationally Established Transmission Shop $1,400,000$1,400,000$1,881,000$0Jackson, MS vicinity
Home Inspection Business $260,000$260,000$210,000$0Albany / Saratoga County
Established Auto Repair Shop $199,000$199,000$0$0Milford, CT area
Home Cleaning Business $120,000$120,000$521,980$0West Atlanta
Home Cleaning Business $345,000$345,000$835,586$0High Desert / Antelope Valley
Established Home Cleaning Business $900,000$900,000$835,586$0West Cleveland Metro Area
Established Home Handyman Business $295,000$295,000$590,000$0Tacoma area - NE
Profitable Plumbing Business $575,000$575,000$1,274,886$0Charlotte metro area
Mosquito Control Biz - million dollar revenue $880,000$880,000$653,000$0Gloucester County
Established Landscaping Business $130,000$130,000$461,000$0Pensacola area
Profitable Glass Repair Biz Home, Auto & Business $510,000$510,000$691,911$0SW Oklahoma
Glass Installation, Replacement Repair Business $495,000$495,000$1,355,564$0Jacksonville
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  • (630) 705-3055
  • 2021 Midwest Rd. #200 Oak Brook, IL 60523

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